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It is indeed an importantaspect of trade: Customer relationship management / Training and Education. The Three pillars of the sector would become a game changer for various companies if they look into it seriously and invest in the said activities. With more number of products available from countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan etc, it becomes imperative for domestic tech service providers to enhance and upgrade their respective allied services to the clients.

The Industry has been talking about the after sales and service and management for a long time now and some of the distributors have also invested a formidable amount in terms for resource, 'train the trainer' and education, but there is still a long way to go. There have been instances of customers effected totally due to down time and maintenance. The machinery and technology supplied to the customers either have not been appropriately serviced or the operators of the said machines have not been trained. These and more have led to a silent chaos among the jewellery manufacturers and clients that today every one of them are demanding an efficient after sales service and training.

There is a dire need for education, training and understanding of the intricacies of "after sales service" in any professional sector and this will only lay a strong foundation for structuring the respective segment and upgrading for better business and relationship management. It becomes imperative for the tech and machinery Industry in India to adopt a 360 degree enhancement in terms of educating the members through seminars, conclaves and forums that will not only help the Founder Directors, but also the staff members to understand the importance of the concept of "Customer service". While there are many an Indian distributing companies who with sheer passion for expanding their respective business have built in a strong base comprising of intellectual resource and state of the art infrastructure to service the existing and potential customers with respect to the products and services they distribute. No wonder such companies with critical infra support have been able to do incremental business with the existing clients. There is also an immense reference point that works for the said companies in their customers.

The "customer service" and "after sales service" logic also holds true for all those dealers and distributors who import equipments from countries such as Italy, Israel, Germany, China and many other economies to have a trained resource explaining A to Z about the said product to the potential customers. Knowledge becomes a key aspect here for sale. As they say first impression is the last, thorough knowledge on the product will only build belief and trust of the customer who will not only like to buy the said product, but also will be satisfied with the after sales service that he can expect. He in turn will become a good case study for the company to procure more clients in the sector.

JTM bureau, through a thorough test market and research have identified grey area's that still exist among the tech and machinery segment and is addressing the nuances to make the tech industry a strong and sustainable business for a long time to come. With more number of suppliers and multinational companies setting up a distribution channel, it is important for the existent players to invest and look into the three pillars of business CRM, TRAINING & EDUCATION.

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