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5th Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewellery
Conference comes to Cyprus
Top diamond and gem experts to dive deep into current diamond and
gemstone identification issues in exclusive workshops and presentations

The Fifth Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewellery Conference will take place in Limasol, Cyprus, May 17 to 19, 2019.

As usual, the conference is organized byBrankoDeljanin of CGL-GRS (Canada)andGeorge Spyromilios of IGL (Greece). The first four MGJ Conferences were held in Greece (2015), Spain (2016), Italy (2017) and Montenegro (2018).

In the five years since it was held first the MGJ Conference has positioned itself as a meeting point and platform that connects the gem and jewelry business community and the multi -faceted community of gemologists, appraisers, mineralogists and other scientists who research the fascinating world of gemstones.

As such, the MGJ Conference has become known and appreciated as a "tech-trade" conference that tables and tackles current gem identification issues and problems encountered by gem and jewelry traders, offering solutions through workshops with standard as well as advanced but still affordable instruments.

In 2018, participants in the 2018 MGJ Conference in Montenegro, hailed from 25 countries, coming from a range of fields, such as gemstone mining, gemstone manufacturing and trading, gemological research, jewelry manufacturing and retail, gem identification and grading, as well as appraising.

Friday, May 17

Intermediate Gem Workshops

• Morning: Opal workshop

• Afternoon: Ruby, sapphire and emerald workshop

Saturday, May 18

Lectures and presentations:

• Sergey Sivovolenko and Roman Serov (Octonus, Finland) "Diamond Impressions - The Key to Sustainable Competitiveness"

• John Chapman (Gemetrix, Australia) "The Economics of Faceting Diamonds"

• Dr. Michael Schlamadinger (Swarovski, Austria) "Man-Made Diamonds - Beyond Science"

• Garry Holloway (Holloway Diamonds, Australia) "Poorly proportioned diamonds cheat buyers"

• Katrien De Corte (HRD, Belgium) "Synthetic diamond, dream or nightmare"

• Dr. Stefanos Karampelas, Abeer Al-Alawi(DANAT, Bahrain) "Building DANAT's robust database: from the mine directly to the lab"

• Edward Boehm (Rare Source Gems, USA) "Ethical sourcing of gems and importance of origin - spinel case study"

• Dr. Stefanos Karampelas, Abeer Al-Alawi(DANAT, Bahrain) "Natural Bahraini pearls"

• Stefan Miller (DSEF, Germany) "Notes from the German Gem Lab DSEF Idar-Oberstein"

• Dr. Clemens Schwarzinger (Clemens Schwarzinger Gemstones, Austria) "Gem cutting in 21st century - weight retention or precision cuts"

• DrGamini Zoysa (Ceylon Gemmological Services, Sri Lanka) "Value of rubies and sapphires from different localities"

Round Table Discussion:

Moderated by John Chapman (Gemetrix, Australia)

"Manufacturing Diamonds and Gemsin 21st Century"

with Sergey Sivovolenko (Octonus, Finland); Garry Holloway (Holloway Diamonds, Australia); Clemens Schwarzinger (Clemens Schwarzinger Gemstones , Austria) and Moshe Lampel (DDS Diamonds, Israel).

Closing Remarks

Yianni Melas, MC, GEMEXPLORER (Cyprus), George Spyromilios, Conference Chair and Branko Deljanin, Conference Co-Chair.

Sunday May 19

Advanced Diamond Workshop :

"The identification of colorless diamonds - natural, treated and lab-grown" This half-day workshop is held both in the morning and the afternoon.

Instructors: Branko Deljanin (CGL-GRS, Canada), George Spyromilios (IGL, Greece) and John Chapman (Gemetrix, Australia).

"Diamond Optical Performance versus Diamond Beauty"

This course is aimed at diamond industry and trade members, appraisers, strategic analysts and designers

Instructors: Sergey Sivovolenko and Roman Serov, of OctoNus, Finland.

Yianni Melas, of Gemexplorer (Cyprus) will serve as the conference emcee.

The 2019 conference is sponsored and supported by DANAT lab (Bahrain), Octonus (Finland), HRD Antwerp NV (Belgium), Swarovski (Austria), Gemetrix (Australia) Jewellery Appraises of the World (UK), Cyprus Gemological Lab (Cyprus) and the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (USA).

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