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In such a mind-spinning world, it may be tempting for corporate managers to be in their bunkers and simply think of options by slashing costs to get their business done with ease and on time. DRC Techno is an Indian, Research & Development organization whose mission is to provide services Filled with customer centric approach through a distinguished but affordable product for diamond manufacturing, Trading & Retail industry. We focus on improving diamond manufacturing through meaningful innovation in the areas of diamond manufacturing processes and also in the field of synthetic diamond detection to secure the diamond supply chain.

The company has always received applause from the industry for its innovation in the development of abreast diamond processing equipment like Synthetic Diamond Detector (D-Secure), Bruiting & Laser Machines and other technologies. Inspired by the needs of the Industry we have built up an intensive R&D department to help transform advance technology into an accessible innovation. Our isolated R&D department is having highly skilled, experienced and talented staff who are ready to accept challenges in the fast growing field of research.

The sole purpose of the D-Secure was to uphold consumer confidence in the natural diamond Business in which it succeeded exceeding all our expectations, which paved the way for next generation of Products. We believe that Synthetic diamond may have its own space in the Fashion jewelry segment but undisclosed synthetic diamonds with Natural Diamonds is something like playing with someone's emotional value and definitely it deteriorates consumer confidence in natural Diamond business.

After the huge success of D-Secure we introduced our next generation of Products the DSecure+ and the J-Secure+ which are now a benchmark for other products in terms of performance, quality and reliability and now we introduce our most innovative research "J-Smart" will enable us to do far more than is humanly possible. J-Smart can enhance what we are capable of doing.

• J-Smart is our 5th generation machine, it is time saving & reliable.

•Has 98% of accuracy that is highest in its segment.

• It is almost half the size of J-Secure+ & Scans 9 x 6-inch tray within 45 to 90 seconds.

• It identies both CVD and HPTH Lab Grown diamonds in loose diamonds

(rough/polished) & mounted diamond Jewellery of any shape.

• J-Smart enables user to generate Digital certicate of their scans.

• Software receives updates frequently to keep up with the ever widening Synthetic

diamond market, and we also offer 24/6 online service.

At DRC Techno , the distribution of wealth is as important as its legal and ethical creation. We return to society, a part we earn from themselves. A strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our value system.

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