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Fulfilling the industry's requirement of highprecision and top-notch quality printers, we have been a part of numbers of jewellery manufacturing units across India. We are currently available at Surat, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Rajkot, and Delhi.

Sculptoris Innovation, popularly known as NCH Group previously is co-founded by Mr. Vivek Sojitra and Mr. Ghanshyam Khanpara. NCH Group has been serving jewellery industry since last decade and is known for its non-compromising quality and promptness of services. The name is hardly unknown among jewellery manufacturers who demand unparalleled jewellery making machinery and supporting services.

Our Journey

The foundation of Sculptoris Innovation was laid in 2016. Our goal was to provide best quality CAM and RPT services focused on jewellery industry all over India. It is the result of more than 4 years of intensive research that the journey which began with handling one customer at a time encouraged and empowered us to now handle hundreds of customers at a time. Today we stand as fast emerging and dynamic company with an expertise in 3D printing technology. No matter what the demand from customers is, we are ready to handle them efficiently with the quality-centered approach, like always.

Like one should never stop learning and improving, we have implemented these thoughts in our work strategy. We keep upgrading with the technology and keep implementing the advancements so you always get the best from our end.

The Brilliance of Services & Support

Unlike other brands who sell and set free, we are truly dedicated to our clients. Since the moment you make a purchase, we are connected with you throughout the life-cycle of the machinery. You get a Tracking-ID to track your purchase and other unique ID is assigned to for customer support. We never leave you stuck in problems and are always by your side to provide you the best of support and services we can offer at the earliest possible time.

Our Goals

We aim at boosting your potentials by handing over the power to create RPT/CAM prints with accuracy and finest details beyond your imagination. The smoothfinished results will leave you awe-struck. Our Avantgrade quality of 3D Printer and swift services is what separates us from the rest. We don't just promise but deliver accuracy. You will like to avail our technology upgraded 3D Printer which is equipped with all the expectations you can make from a competitive 3D Printer.

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