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Colombia to Hold International Emerald Symposium

Colombia is hosting an inaugural International Emerald Symposium from October 13 to 15 in Bogotá. The conference is organized by Fedesmeraldas, the Colombian National Emerald Federation, and supported by all the country's emerald related bodies, as well as the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The conference aims to address the challenges and opportunities faced by the emerald industry, including resource management, manufacturing, treatments, certification, nomenclature, technology, consumer education and branding, say the organizers.

It will be the first time that emerald producing countries have come together at a high-level international gathering to address issues relating to the emerald business in the same way diamond industry representatives have done in the past for their trade. Many prominent members of the international precious gemstone industry will be taking part in the symposium. These include ICA President Benjamin Hackman, Gemfields' Executive Director Sean Gilbertson who will present on Gemfields: Rediscovering the Coloured Gemstone Sector, Zambia's Minister of Mines, the Honourable Christopher B. Yaluma and CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri, as well as representatives from the GIA, Gübelin and AGTA.

In addition, Afghan gemstone expert Gary Bowersox will lead a delegation that will include Afghanistan's mines minister. Speakers also include the following gemstone experts:

Ken Scarratt

Vincent Pardieu

Warren Boyd

Dr. Adolf Peretti

Dr. Thomas Hainschwang

Oscar Baquero from Colombia, President of Fedesmeraldas

Gabriel Angarita from Colombia, President of ACODES

Carlos Julio Cedeño from Colombia, Director of CDTEC Gem Research and Laboratory and Darwin Fortaleche from Colombia, Resident Gemologist, CDTEC Gem Research and Laboratory.

Project Description

The 1st International Emerald Symposium 2015, is the business platform where international industry players will share knowledge and information. Producing countries, gemological laboratories, wholesale and manufacturing companies, luxury brands, government, and international gems and jewellery associations will converge in one venue to share the latest developments of the emerald sector, and to address all issues related to promotion, production, enhancement, and other concerns. Thus, the 1st International Emerald Symposium becomes the ideal platform to acquire knowledge and to share experiences with the leading professionals and experts in the field.

Why a Symposium?

The goal is to be at the forefront on the business by actively integrating participants through sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas.

Symposium Objective

To be pioneers in leading an international event, where we can jointly build innovative initiatives based on our experiences, around research, R&D advances, andexecution of the inherent processes of the world emerald industry.

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