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It is no longer enough to fulfil orders timely. ‘Before time’ is the ultimate challenge, and a step ahead of competition is the perpetual need! A small, yet significant part towards this is by having a constant, up-to-date access to inventory data. This has translated to many manufacturers looking for new technology options so that they are able to improve their operational efficiency and increase work productivity.

Mr. Varun Nandania
This understanding of the need to innovate, proved fruitful for Malakan Diamond ever since it first decided to implement RFID in 2016.

Mr. Varun Nandania, Malakan Diamond says, “Our objective was clear. We needed an RFID partner who would NOT give us off-the-shelf products, but would improvise to give us the results we needed in our environment, seamlessly integrated with our ERP. Irys fit the bill perfectly.”

The task at hand was to enable RFID tracking at the manufacturing facility in Fresno, California, for an inventory of around 40,000 items. More importantly, scanning had to be achieved in bulk – 3 trays, slightly longer than an A4 sheet were to be stacked on top of each other and scanned accurately within 5 seconds. This needed to be enabled within GatisoftTech, the ERP used by Malakan Diamond.

Mr. Rohit Karnik
Mr. Ritesh Shah, GatisoftTech adds, “Initially when I was told of the requirement, I was unsure as to how effective the scanning would be with 3 trays stacked together. The RFID tunnel developed by Irys, put all doubts to rest.”

The entire project took about 8 to 10 months to complete, and today, Malakan Diamond is exploring new ways to use RFID for the upcoming JCK jewellery show in Las Vegas.

Mr. Varun says, “It is not easy to change all existing tags to RFID tags, especially in the US where manpower costs are so high. Once past that stage, we are now eagerly looking forward to see where we can go next with this technology. ”

Mr. Rohit Karnik, Irys states, “Malakan Diamond in its 78 years of endeavour, has become one of the largest manufacturing companies of its kind. Successful businesses like them, understand the relationship between technology and the business value created. On behalf of Irys, I would like to thank the entire Malakan team for their support in getting RFID implemented and their keen participation to make it a success.”

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