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The M-Screen+, fastest and 100% reliable screening
instrument, according to the ASSURE Program

The joint collaboration by the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) and Signet Jewelers – the ASSURE Program – has published the results from the independent performance tests of Diamond Verification Instruments in the ASSURE Directory on .

Through the ASSURE Directory trade participants can access objective and third party verified information on the relative performance of Diamond Verification Instruments and guidance on how to ensure that their business is protected from undisclosed laboratory grown diamonds.

The ASSURE Program partnered with the 11 manufacturers representing the 18 most widely available Diamond Verification instruments in the market. The instruments submitted to Assure have been tested in accordance with the methods and protocols in the Diamond Verification Instruments Standard.

The M-Screen+, the desktop fully automated screening device commercialized by HRD Antwerp, is designed to screen large quantities of colourless and near colourless loose stones at a high speed. M-Screen+ automatically separates diamonds from synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants, and is suitable for large scale diamond wholesalers, diamond cutting and polishing sites, jewellery manufacturers, and gemological laboratories.

“The ASSURE Program is a precious asset for diamond traders.” says Michel Janssens, CEO of HRD Antwerp. “They can now finally access reliable information concerning the performance of diamond verification instruments available on the market. We are thrilled that the undeniable and unbeatable speed and efficiency of our M-Screen+ have been highlighted in the program, and we look forward to proving that we can even do better with our brand new M-Screen 4.0.”

The M-Screen+ was tested in accordance with the Diamond Verification Instrument Standard with the test protocol for instruments that separate diamonds from synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants. The ASSURE Core Sample consists of 1,000 diamonds, 200 synthetic diamonds, and 200 diamond simulants. The stones are 0.02 ct to 0.20 ct in D-J colour.

The following results of the test have demonstrated once again the accuracy and 100% reliability of the M-Screen+:

• 0% diamond false positive rate (= ratio of synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants incorrectly classified as ‘diamond’ to the total number of synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants)

• 95.9% diamond accuracy (= ratio of diamonds correctly classified as diamond to the total number of diamonds)

• 4.1% diamond referral rate (= ratio of diamonds being referred for further testing to the total number of diamonds)

•12,317 speed (= stones tested per hour)

HRD Antwerp has recently announced the launch of its new M-Screen 4.0, offering a 5 times lower referral rate compared to the M-Screen+, without compromising the high speed and accuracy of the screening process.

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