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One Step ahead in Laser Cutting Machinery

Aditi laser group is well known in the Mumbai market and in many other regions in India for the services it offers to numerous customers in the field of laser marking /engraving / cutting and supply of the machines.

Aditi laser group, Mumbai is procuring specialized laser cutting machine from COSMO LASER, CHINA.

CPC-500 is the laser cutting machine with high power fiber laser from Germany and specially developed CNC system and cutting head. CPC-500 is the machine which is able to cut the precious metals like GOLD and SILVER up to 1.2mm thickness. It has the cutting accuracy of 10 microns and cutting line width of 40 microns. Machine is capable to deliver very intrinsic designs with good through put. Machine is designed to offer customer facilities like bangle cutting / bead cutting / automated roller for continuous production. CPC-500 can also cut metals like Stainless steel / Copper / Brass. Cutting of metals other than GOLD and SILVER also opens up the bigger market of the imitation jewelry. Steel Jewelry / spectacle frames / Watch parts etc. has the new opportunity.

Aditi laser group, is also involved in sales and service of the machine and they will also have one machine installed at their facility for job shop. The group also invites Jewelry designers and manufacturers to their facility to explore the opportunity to work on new concepts using the capability of the machine. Aditi laser group sees a good potential for the machine in India market for both the service and sale to the end user. There are machines available in the market which is offering cutting using scan head technology where cutting is done by multiple passes.

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