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JTM Bureau in an exclusive with Mr. Bhavin Kamdar, Director, Aditi Laser Integrator on the current market scenario in the Indian jewellery manufacturing sector. An exclusive:

India is poised to become the global hub for jewellery manufacturing. What according to you are the important factors that are responsible for the growth of the Indian jewellery sector?

Adapting the technology used in international market with the plus point of having very good labour force is pushing Indian jewellery manuacturers in the world market.

Technology and machinery sector in India is evolving and competing with international tech manufacturers. Your opinion on the growth of indigenous manufactured tech products and the 'make in India' initiative of the government?

Make in India is very good initiative which is helping the Indian machinery and technology companies. Indian manufacturers are making good mechanical machines with innovative designs and operations. Indian manufacturers are still behind their global counter part in development of high end tehcnological machines. We need to have government policies which can attract more technology transfer happening from global companies into the Indian sector.

What are the challenges faced by Indian tech and machine tool manufacturers in comparison with international distributors and what are the steps to overcome the same?

Laser is one such technology which is highly used in jewellery industry from marking/ welding and cutting operations. We still do not have the capacity of producing the laser and good quality optics in India. This is the reason most Indian companies are either integrator or distributor or trader of such machines.

We need support from government and leading technology companies to take initiative to start manufacturing of lasers and optics in India.

How important is service efciency levels when it comes to distributing and selling state of the art tech and machine tools in India? Are the Indian manufacturers geared for the same?

Post sales service is very critical and the most important part of the total sales cycle. Even if the technology is world class and there is no post sales support, it is not going to interest the manufacturers. Supplier needs to travel an extra mile to support the customer.

What is your advice to the Indian manufacturers to expand and grow among the Indian gem and jewellery sector?

All the Indian manufacturers or integrators of the machines must need to make sure that they provide world class product at the best possible price and put more effort in post sales support to customer.

Here I also would like to request the jewellery manufacturers that they also should support such developing companies by placing orders with them and give them their honest opinion and suggestion to improve the product.

If both go hand in hand, Indians can be the leader's in the world market regarding jewellery supply.

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