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Mr. Amol B Kharote, Director, Amol Dies Maker on the current trend in the Tech and Machine tool sector and the challenges faced. Excerpts:

Your opinion on the growth of indigenous manufactured tech products and the 'Make In India' initiative of the government?

The 'Make In India' initiative has allowed all of our small businesses to have the similar exposure and opportunity to showcase our skills on a Global platform.

India is poised to become the global hub for jewellery manufacturing. What according to you are the important factors that are responsible for the growth of the Indian jewellery sector?

Indian Government has initiated business friendly policies that has benefited the sector and conducting business is simplified. India is the most watched nation in terms of progress and prosperity. Our dynamic entrepreneurs can ow increase their global reach and isone of the strongest reason for our country to have and excellent opportunity to increase growth in Jewellery Sector

What are the challenges faced by Indian tech and machine tool manufacturers in comparison with International distributors and what are the steps to overcome the same?

We have to change the level at which we keep our commitments and show more aggression in the way we do our work. The jewellery manufacturing sector has to change the perception they had towards the Indian businesses and offer us the same platform that they give other global leaders in the market.

How important is service efciency levels when it comes to distributing and selling state of the art tech and machine tools in India? Are the Indian manufacturers geared for the same?

If we want to be seen as a leader in the global platform, we need to change the Service Efficiency level to its maximum. Indian manufactures need to work on this front and I am very sure that of we want to do and we as an enterprising Indian have always excelled in the same.

What is your advice to the Indian Manufacturers to expand and grow among the Indian gem and jewellery sector?

If I may advice on this, there is only one thing that I would like to add, which is, we Manufactures are the Jewelry Goldsmith's Machinery of the future and our strength has always and will always be in our unity.

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