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The recent conclusion of India International Jewellery Show and the beginning of METS – Vicenza Oro – HKTDC show has brought global Technology & machine tool industry in the limelight again. ‘Tech transfer’ and ‘world, a single market place’ is the new norm as consumer market for the industry grows beyond imagination. Indigenous tools manufactured in China as well as India are finding preference as price point reigns among the industry buyers. While the investment towards research and development is gaining importance, Machine and technology tools from Italy, Israel and Germany are increasing their respective market share in the growing Asian economies. The middle segment comprising of Dealers and Distributors and Consultants is gaining prominence as more number of companies and manufacturing giants are looking at appointing agents and consultants in India, China, Malaysia, Srilanka, Indonesia, and other Asian economies. This, only because of the market knowledge, local expertise and trade acumen that the potential dealer’s possess, and is making sense to all the manufacturers from across borders.

Low investments in terms of overheads, and other direct expenses such as Warehousing, Red tape, Manpower, real estate etc are key drivers for manufacturers to appoint Distributors and Dealers and in a way win on price point with respect to competitive products. Trained and knowledgeable dealer is a bonus for the producer as he comes with market knowledge and education to understand the technicalities of each product to in turn present to potential clients.

JTM proudly presents in this special issue, leading Dealers, Distributors and Consultants who have with their passion and determination been able to create a market share in the respective economies for their clients and in way grown to lead the technology and machine tool sector. A detailed company profile as well as the products marketed with select interviews will be the highlight of this special issue.

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