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The Gem and Jewellery manufacturing sector is on a roll with state of the art cutting edge tools and equipments being released from Italy, Germany, China etc and this phenomenon is indeed transforming the very phase of finesse and quality pertaining to jewellery products and services for good. Large distributors from countries such as India are also expanding their respective foothold in other economies appointing sub distributors and dealers in a way expanding the availability of technology and machinery in these manufacturing sectors as well.

The JTM team is happy to present leading Brands that is destined to make a difference to the manufacturing segment and have showcased important dealers and distributors who have collaborated with the principal companies to bring in such quality equipments to the sector.

This issue of JTM is truly special as the magazine travels to the VOD Dubai Jewellery show as well as other important trade shows and meets where the New Jeweller and JTM is the official media partner.

A Subramanian

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