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The Tech and Machinery sector concerning the Gem and Jewellery Industry is on a roll with the demand growing to suffice the large appetite of jewellery manufacturers looking at bringing in state of the art machine tools to produce quality fine jewellery. While multinational jewellery retailers look at large number in jewellery pieces, outsourcing manufacturing process is becoming the norm as many a Indian jewellery manufacturers are servicing corporate when it comes to large scale production demand. In a way giving a boost to the "Make In India" policy of the government.

While leading dealers and distributors of cutting edge tech tools are leaving no stones unturned to bring in quality tech tools into the country, Indian machinery manufacturers are improvising and customising thie requirements so much so that they are much in demand in the International markets too. This indeed is an intellectual demand that is being witnessed in technology.

The current issue talks about the strength of indigenously manufactured machinery vis a vis multinational produce coming into the country through dealers and distributors. While both the dealer/disti as well as the manufacturing sector is important for the growth of the gem and jewellery Industry, it is customer service, pricing and training & development and many other factors that will take both the tech as well as jewellery segment into a robust future.


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