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6th Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewellery Conference
to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece

Following the success of the 2019 Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewellery Conference, the organisers have announced that the Sixth Mediterranean Gemmological & Jewellery Conference will take place in Thessaloniki, in Greece from May 15-17, 2020. Next year's event follows the success of the five previous conferences, including this year's event in Limassol, Cyprus, where 75 participants from 27 countries took part.

The Mediterranean Conferences have been held in Greece (2015), Spain (2016), Italy (2017) and Montenegro (2018). They are organized by Branko Deljanin of CGL Canadian Gemlab (Canada) and George Spyromilios of IGL (Greece), and combine a unique mixture of business and appraising conferences with highly scientific seminars. The conferences spotlight trade issues and challenges, and offer solutions via workshops with standard and advanced affordable instruments and presentations by a range of leading industry figures. Participants include gemmologists, jewellers, retailers, gem labs, appraisers, dealers, manufacturers and mining company representatives.

The overall theme of the 2020 conference will be ‘Valuation and Marketing Of Diamonds and Gems’ where there will be six parallel workshops. Organized by CGL Canadian Gemlab Canada and IGL Greece, it is sponsored by Gemmological Research Industries Inc (Canada) and supported by Octonus (Finland / Russia), MAGILABS (Italy / Finland), Gemometrics (Sweden), Moscow State University (Russia), Gemetrix (Australia), Jewellery Appraisers of the World (UK) and the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (USA). The New Jeweller International Media Group is one of the media sponsors.

The workshops are as follows:

• “Testing, assessing quality and valuing mounted gemstones” with instructors: Shirley Mitchell (Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA Ltd., UK) and George Spyromilios (IGL, Greece).

• ”Diamond optical performance” with instructors Sergey Sivivolenko and Roman Serov (Octonus, Finland / Russia).

• “ID of rubies, sapphires and emeralds with standard instruments” by instructor Branko Deljanin (CGL Canadian Gemlab, Canada).

• Branko Deljanin will also be the instructor for “ID of coloured diamonds (natural, treated and lab-grown)“ and “ID of colourless diamonds (natural, treated and lab-grown)”.

• “ID of treated, synthetic and natural gems, loose and mounted with advanced instruments” will be presented by Alberto Scarani and Mikko Astrom, (MAGILABS Italy / Finland).

• MAGILABS will also be the instructors for “ID of treated, synthetic and natural diamonds, loose and mounted, with advanced instruments”.

"Due to the response from the industry to the 2019 conference, as well as the previous editions, we are delighted to be able to announce the venue and dates for the 2020 conference," the organisers said in a joint statement. "We will be releasing more information on all speakers in the coming months, so we advise industry members to be on the lookout so that they can register early and make their travel plans.

For registration and a detailed program with six confirmed speakers and conference cultural and mine tours please visit the website or contact Branko Deljanin, CGL Canadian Gemlab, Conference Chair at

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