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As a company, Imaginarium now has over a decade of experience in helping individuals and companies bring ideas to life through a vast bouquet of Additive Manufacturing, prototyping and design services. With India’s largest set up of industrial 3D Printers under one roof along with the allied technologies for investment casting, vacuum casting, finishing, polishing, assembly etc, we cater to a huge number of industries and professions.

This year too we have had some extremely exciting announcements and updates on both the Machines as well as Services side. The jewellery arm of the company, Imaginarium Precious, has always tried to break away from the traditional models of the industry and showcases an entirely new concept of inventoryless retailing for retailers and designers. We bring to the manufacturing community a brilliant array of production machines capable of producing high resolution RPTs and masters at a greatly improved speed.

The S90 SPEED from Rapidshape is the very system for mass production of parts with high intricacy. To define its speed let’s say it can produce 90 standard rings in 45 minutes at 50 microns! With an interface that’s user friendly and allows monitoring of the partbuilding process any time, this manufacturing tool has the best in-class accuracy and best suited for products with high surface quality.

Netfabb, a user friendly software for 3D printing helps you with STL file fixing, SLC- STL imports, support generation, data preparation and much more.

We also take pride in introducing direct metal printed parts, for the first time, to the Indian jewellery industry. Prototyping and manufacturing over 1,000 jewellery designs per day, and offering about 90 kilos of metal casting products a month, Imaginarium boasts of decades of expertise via a steadfast commitment to deliver quality-in-service outputs.

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