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Irys Pte. Ltd.
Smarter Jewelry Inventory Management Solutions

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Singapore, Irys Pte. Ltd. is a Gems & Jewelry centric RFID specialist, focused on conceptualizing and developing smarter jewelry inventory management solutions.

Our tried and tested mature products are in use by more than 200 clients world-wide.

We have opened offices in 4 locations - Singapore, Thailand, India, Hong Kong in less than 6 years and we say that our story has just begun. Irys is a proud leader in this space, in the SE Asian and Indian jewelry markets.

Our belief is the E strategy- Enable RFID, Empower Users, Engage Customers, Enhance Business.

Irys products are aimed not only at optimizing efficiency and accuracy of stock verification processes - from manufacturing to retail, but also at providing valuable Business Intelligence for effective planning of production, stocking and movement of jewelry products to maximize business gains.

Understanding the scope of business requirement at client’s end, tailor-making solutions, providing consulting services and successful delivery of projects have been the success factors for our company.

Irys N- Connect (Middleware) & TRINITY (Business Intelligence Reporting tool) are the two major breakthroughs’ of our company. They are a result of our domain expertise, R&D efforts in fine tuning the available technology, constant innovation and industry experience.


N-Connect is an Irys' p r o p r i e t a r y R F I D middleware. The tool helps software developers overcome integration hurdles to build a stable, responsive and scalable RFID system in the shortest span of time. By decoupling the ERP from the hardware’s native protocols, N - Connect provides a device agnostic interface that the ERP vendor can use to avail RFID functions with ease and minimal efforts. What this means is that, the initial integration effort drops from 2 months to less than 10 days, making it work like a plug and play solution.

By deploying TRINITY, a jeweler can easily increase efficiency of stock verification by 60%, improve staff utilization by 20%, reduce inventory cost by 20%, improve sales & increase profits by 30%, thereby reaping maximum benefit with minimum capital investment in business. The Irys Smart View function on Tiara, running on Android Tablets at the store level combined with the Irys BusinessIntelligence module, running on the Amazon Cloud and available on a SaaS model provide a powerful yet cost effective tool to track customer preferences, identify product viewership patterns and match them against sales, weed out slow moving products and reward performing employees, all while you are seated comfortably in your HQ.

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