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Precious Alloy Analyzer

Quantum Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., always front runner in XRF Gold alloy analyzer and lasers in Asian and Gulf countries has a new feather in its cap introducing its new series KaratMeter SL based on high end PIN diode and silicon drift SDD detectors. The Company has recently signed OEM partner and distributor agreement with Bowman Analytics, USA for their unique range of XRF products within India and selected South East and Middle East countries.

Bowman, a desktop XRF precious alloy analyzer is fast, non-destructive and accurate model for measurement of jewelry, precious alloys and finished products. Thanks to latest SME technology for its smart compact design makes analysis convenient for a variety of applications all at an affordable price to maximize your quality control.

Based on several years of experience Bowman has designed and developed this special OEM unit for Quantum taking into consideration the latest technology, simplicity and overall cost. The unit works on standard Xray fluorescence principle which able to detect not only major alloying metals but also impurities in alloys. It precisely & quickly determines the elemental composition without the assistance of any technically skilled person. The detection is through high resolution PIN diode or silicon-drift SDD detectors which able to detect banned and restricted metals which is typically not possible to detect by classical fire assay method.

The unit comprises with unique hybrid calibration model based Fundamental Parameter (FP) and co-efficient corrections using few known standard samples. The presence of Ir, Ru, Os, Re and any other Pt-group metals are easy to detect with this technology even on small and irregular sample being X-ray focus if from top-to-bottom geometry. The internal solder joints and intrinsic samples are also possible to measure accurately with this standardized technique. The analysis is possible to distinguish between 99.5% and 99.9% Gold based on the traces of Ag and other impurities. This is possible only with solid-state detectors due to excellent resolution and high count rate. Single calibration mode is used for all precious alloys including yellow or white Gold, silver, platinum, palladium etc.

It has 3-times closer geometry for increased precision and power efficiency. Well defined element peaks eliminating need for secondary filters, hence minimal peak position drift without need for frequent recalibrations. Higher level of sensitivity and efficiency suitable for various alloys. Service friendly modular design with all major components in compact housing.

QUANTUM is always ahead in XRF and Laser technology since last several years and majority existing as well as upcoming hallmarking centers, major jewelers, assayers, manufacturers, traders, exporters etc. are using our KaratMeter since long. We also provide right consultation and assistance to establish the assay laboratory/hallmarking centre and to train their people for right applications.

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