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Factors that have resulted in the growth of Tech and Machinery sector in India.

INDIA, in fact the "SONE KI CHIDIYA" was well known since centuries as the hub for its traditional jewellery & jewellery making art, thanks for being gifted by the great artisans & rapidly growing in house technology.

On Make in India initiative.

Remarkably in all the "top class posts & fields" the world finds an Indian reputed name as far as Research, technology & business is concerned. Although it took some time but with the support of our Respective & Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, with the innovative "Make in India" project, we all feel secured, backed up & promoted for the "In house Growth" of technology and art representing our motherland globally and making us all and our Country feel proud.

On after sales service and its impact

Currently we are constantly improving a lot regarding the service sector and service efficiency levels compared to global class. Indian companies need to keep improving an building the 'after sales service' levels to reach the ultimate

Opinion to the Industry

As said above, we have been a very good market & are gifted with world class technology, technicians & artisans for the gems & jewellery sector. We should keep upgrading and educating ourselves so that our products make a mark not only in India, but also worldwide.

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