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Mr. Kamlesh Mistry, Director, Krishna Enterprises, in this exclusive interview talks on the current market scenario and the future of the tech and machinery sector in India.

Technology and Machinery sector in India is evolving and competing with International tech manufacturers. Your opinion on the growth of indigenous manufactured tech products and the 'make in India' initiative of the government?

Buyers, in India have become knowledgeable now and they are aware about the brand of technologically advanced available in the market. I think a little more focus is required from buyer's side to understand these technologies along with an in depth understanding on using this technology and about how a product quality can be improved along with increase in production with least losses, and this becomes the primary responsibility of all the tech manufacturers to make the customers aware. We accept that "MAKE IN INDIA" has shown to the world the capabilities of INDIAN tech manufacturers. However we did not see any benefits yet for our company through this program.

What are the challenges faced by Indian tech and machine tool manufacturers in comparison with International distributors and what are the steps to overcome the same?

Knowledge is the most powerful tool, if used properly. Though people are more aware now, we still see buyer selecting an international product, just because someone in the sector has bought it. Just because it is "International" and not made in India people trust the product and buy with least arguments. And we don't blame the buyer for this, because it is ultimately the buyer's choice. All manufacturers should aim to produce the best product manufactured in India to the Indian Jewellery Manufacturing company so that, Jewellers can sell that product with the pride of "Jewellery MADE IN INDIA, USING Machinery MADE IN INDIA".

How important is service efciency levels when it comes to distributing and selling state of the art tech and machine tools in India? Are the Indian manufacturers geared for the same?

India Jewellery Manufacturing Market has become more competitive, so has the Jewellery Machinery Segment. Those who are ready to explore the technology with quality in their equipment will be benefited in the long run. I personally feel that Indian manufacturers are better equipped to service the Customers.

On Important factors responsible for the growth of tech and machinery sector.

Quality, Consistency, Trust & Technology

What is your advice to the Indian Manufacturers to expand and grow among the Indian gem and jewellery sector?

Lets become the largest Jewellery Manufacturing and Jewellery Machine Manufacturing Market for India and rest of the world.

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