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LEADERS from the
Technology & Machinery Sector of INDIA
Expanding the Indian Jewellery Industry to achieve world class quality and output

Technology & Machinery’ has been the heart of Gems and Jewellery Industry so much so that today each and every jewellery piece churned out has a part that technology has played. Hundreds of thousands of companies dedicated to either trading in specialised machine tools or manufacturing indigenous machinery and exporting the same have been responsible for a phenomenal transition that the tech sector has witnessed in the last decade. Be it Gold smelting, analysing, refining, cutting, enamelling, polishing, or Diamond screening, certifying, grading or mounting all these activities are next to impossible without cutting edge technology. Today the profitability of the Gold, Diamond and gem industry has more than doubled thanks to the advent of innovative technology & Machine tool industry.

India is the oldest known Industry in the gem and jewellery sector and is a globally acclaimed economy not only for cutting and polishing Diamonds, but also utilising the finest available technology and machinery to churn out world’s best of products and services. Technology & Machine tool segment has also evolved in the country and a number of entrepreneurial minds have taken up the onus of providing the industry with indigenously manufactured equipments for fine production. India is also home for intellectual and talented distributors who have scaled supply operations by partnering the best of Principal companies from Italy, Germany, China, Turkey and many more.

The latest of initiative of the government of India to manufacture products in the country has given an up thrust to the Tech sector as a number of companies are vying to get into the space of indigenous manufacturing. Relaxation in taxation policies Labour sops, easy financing are some of the benefits that the current government is forwarding to budding entrepreneurs who have the zeal to “Make In India”. The “India Gem and Jewellery Expo” to be organised by GJEPC under the aegis of IIJS Signature is destined to be a turnaround show for the Indian gem and jewellery industry after a long phase of slow down majorly due to demonetisation policy of the finance ministry. Big brands and corporate entities in the sector will influence the momentum as jewellers gear up to grab a large market share from the ongoing wedding season.

Over time, India truly has churned out “LEADERS” in the Technology and Machinery sector who have been instrumental in giving a new meaning to “Finesse” , “Mass Production” , “Minimisation of wastage”, “Cost effective Labour” etc. It is but for the Tech and Machine tool industry that today Jewellery manufacturers and producers would not have been able to expand their product line, enhance quality graph and increase profits. The tech members are the true leaders in the gems and jewellery economy who with sheer grit, determination and hard work have overcome many a obstacles to come out a winner for the Industry as a whole. In this issue we have showcased “True Leaders” from the Technology & Machinery segment and have profiled their company / products. This appreciation is a fitting tribute all of these change makers who have through their will and sincerity been the drivers of change for the Gems and Jewellery Industry. Here’s presenting to you “LEADERS from the Technology & Machinery Sector of India”.

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