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"Precious Metals in the History of Science and Technology": Monday 7th May at OROAREZZO 2018, a study day with experts, researchers and university teachers

As part of OROAREZZO, the Italian jewellery show organized by IEG, Italian Exhibition Group, the much-awaited study seminar entitled "Precious Metals in the History of Science and Technology", organized by TCA | Precious Metals Refining, will be held in the Arezzo Exhibition Centre Auditorium on Monday 7th May.

Gold art and precious metal recovery are the central themes of the all-day seminar, which will see interventions from university teachers, researchers and authoritative figures from both industry and the artisan sector.

The event will not only provide a valid opportunity for learning but also one of debate for sector experts. In particular, the morning session will include scientific contributions ranging from the description of ancient gold processing techniques to those of more modern and recent application.

During the afternoon, some aspects of precious metal recovery and refining will be discussed both from sources of primary origin (mines) and those of secondary origin, as in the case of waste from jewellery company processing.

Anyone from the OROAREZZO public can attend the event free of charge.

For further information:

Below is the complete programme


9.30 – 10.15 am Registration

10.15 – 10.30 am Event opening and greetings


Chairing: Carla Martini and Marco Fontani

10.30 – 11.00 am Apprentices and masters: transmitting ancient goldsmith techniques

Alessandro Pacini

11.00 – 11.30 am The authenticity of imitation

Daniela Ferro

11.30 – 12 noon Electro-deposition and innovative characterization of precious metal alloys for the galvanic and jewellery industries

Massimo Innocenti

12 noon – 12.40 pm Gold and Silver: metal perfection in alchemy between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age

Ferdinando Abbri

12.40 – 1 pm Ancient Goldsmith Tools from the Garuti Collection

Francesca Frasca, Isabella Baldini, Adelmo Garuti, Gianlorenzo Calzoni

1 - 2.30 pm Lunch break

2.30 – 3 pm Monetary systems rediscover precious metals in the 'bitcoin' era

Roberto Santi

Chairing: Marco Panarese and Valerio Zanotti

3 - 3.30 pm Primary gold deposits and their meaning within the circular economy

Paolo Garofalo

3.30 – 4 pm Presence and historical production of gold in Italy: the case of Cisalpine Gaul

Giuseppe Pipino

4 – 4.30 pm Birth and evolution of gold recovery and refining techniques

Iacopo Ciabatti

4.30 – 5 pm Hi-Tech waste as precious metal "urban mines": new sustainable recovery methods

Angela Serpe

5 - 5.15 pm Close of day


Italian Exhibition Group Spa is an events company created officially on 1st November 2016. The group – which is presided over by Lorenzo Cagnoni, with Matteo Marzotto as executive vice president and Corrado Facco as managing director – closed 2017 with a consolidated turnover of 130.7 million Euros, an EBITDA of 23.2 million and a consolidated net profit of 9.1 million. It is currently Italy's largest trade show organizer with 59 products in its portfolio (including the Food & Beverage, Green, Technology, Entertainment, Tourism, Transport, Wellness, Jewellery and Fashion, Lifestyle & Innovation sectors). It also holds first place in terms of gross operating revenue and boasts a total 280 events and congresses. The Group's priority is to promote the internationalization of these sectors and help them fly the flag for beautiful and well-made products around the world. The group already has a solid base in the international market with a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates and notable presence in the USA, China, India and South America. IEG is also the leading Italian company in the conference and congress sector. In 2017, IEG attracted a total of 15,649 exhibitors and 2,648,675 visitors at its Rimini and Vicenza-based exhibition and congress facilities.


Arezzo Fiere e Congressi Srl, the company whose stakeholders include the Tuscany Region, Arezzo Chamber of Commerce, Arezzo Council and Province, credit institutions and over 300 jewellery companies, with a capital of Euro 40.8 million, is presided over by Andrea Boldi. For 39 years the company has been organizing the OROAREZZO Show - now managed by IEG as part of the IEG Jewellery Agenda - which recorded about 650 exhibiting companies in 2017 from all the Italian gold-silver districts. The congress facility has a Congress Centre Auditorium with seating for 950 and was designed by the GMP Studio in Hamburg. The company has organized cultural initiatives and workshops in prestigious locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Chile and Argentina.

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