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PARTNERSHIPS Transforming The Jewellery Manufacturing Sector In India

All that glitters is due to the optimum utilisation of cutting edge Technology and Machine tools and so much so that technology and latest inventions have transformed the Gems and Jewellery industry globally. Large jewellery corporates have reaped the benefits of technology by expanding and growing to cater to a large International mass. The entry of CACAM software into the jewellery industry changed the perspective of the way jewellery was designed and manufactured. CADCAM till date has its place of pride as every jewellery piece can be designed with geometrical perfection. Laser machines and laser heads is the call of the day where companies are making optimum utilization of technology using one laser head in as much as 3 workstations. This truly helps in saving costs and increase production limit. Manufacturers have also started using lost wax investment casting, which allows them to make designs of jewellery with more details but is cheaper as it is lighter. When it comes to Gold too, the fabrication process is mostly machine aided than manual as it helps the manufacturers in mass and light weight jewellery production.

As exports grow, jewellery companies irrespective of whether they are in polished or fine have to cater to International standards and a number of Multinational technology companies have forayed into India to offer globally accepted machinery and equipments. This has not only increased production and exports, but also enhanced the quality of products. It is but for "PARTNERSHIPS" that Indian entrepreneurs have entered into with their foreign principals, that the true evolution of the gem and jewellery industry would not have been a reality. Kudos to the DEALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS established in India for bringing in latest technology and equipments to the doorstep of every single manufacturer. The esteemed Distributors are on a 24X7 roll with jewellery manufacturers not only bringing to them state of the art tech tools, but also helping them build a world class production unit, leave alone an effective after sales service rendered to the customers.

This issue of JTM talks about the important role played by the Tech distributors and how they with sheer hard work and dedication been instrumental in transforming the Jewellery manufacturing sector into one of the world's best.

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