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IRYS: DTC Sightholder boosts productivity & operational visibility by implementing RFID technology

Diarough N V, a DTC Sightholder, has been one of the pioneers in adopting technology to boost their efficiency, be it adopting SAP at a time when most other diamond manufacturers and traders were struggling with excel sheets, or enabling RFID technology in factories when the best known use of RFID was limited to inventory checking.

Mr. Nishit Parikh (Bali), CEO, Diarough says, "We had realized that only technology is going to help us grow at a pace that we want to. Enabling RFID was a natural step in that direction."

Irys, a company focused on enabling RFID, exclusively for the Gems & Jewellery industry, was chosen to be the partner for this project.

"Irys had advantages which no other company had at the time. Printable RFID technology, which was a necessity for high volume of goods, option of portability, customized RFID tunnels and most importantly, accuracy, were the main reasons that we went ahead with them", says Mr. Govind Killa, Director of Egon Software Pvt. Ltd., the captive share service unit for the Diarough group based in Pune.

The entire project scope comprised of tagging more than 50000 SKU's at the time of initial roll-out across 5 locations — Mumbai, Antwerp, Hong Kong, New York and Bangkok. Once the tagging was completed, RFID hardware had to be enabled at all these locations to cater to operations such as —

1. Inventory check at factories and sales offices
2. Tracking of goods at the issue / return counters in the factories
3. Verification of invoices / dispatches at the sales offices
4. Searching a missing product using a portable scanner

All these use cases were to be enabled within SAP which meant that all RFID devices such as the printer, scanner, tunnel, etc. were to be interfaced with SAP seamlessly.

The entire project took about 8 months to complete and today, RFID has been running successfully across Diarough group for more than 5 years.

Mr. Killa adds, "RFID was once viewed to be a technology only meant for stock audit, but Diarough and Irys have challenged themselves to think beyond boundaries and help deliver an efficient solution. The ROI from this implementation will only grow in the years to come."

Mr. Rohit Karnik, Manag ing Director, Irys says, "Implementing RFID for Diarough has been one of the most pleasant experiences for us. Seldom do you find a client, who not only understands technology so well, but is so motivated to implement it and push its usage across all functions of business. With the rapid advancement in technology, there are many possibilities that continue to open up and we, at Irys, are committed to help Diarough to make full use of these upgrades."

About Diarough: Diarough is one of the world's most important and infiuential diamond dealers, counted amongst the most professional and respected names in the industry. The company prides itselfin surpa3sing the goals of its clients, and the growing global family ofloyal trade customers, is proof of its track record of success. These customers include leading diamond and jewellery manufacturers, diamond wholesalers and retailers as well as internationally renowned jewellery brands. Diarough was established in 1975 and today it is one of the leading DTC Sightholders in the world.
About Irys: Founded in 2010, Irys is focused on enabling RFID technology exclusively for the gems & jewellery industry. Integrated with leading ERP solution providers, we have already surpassed serving 280 clients spread across the globe - Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Albania, Germany, India, Belgium, USA, UK, UAE, Japan andAustralia. With Irys, jewelry companies are able to revise their inventory management strategies to bolster profits manifold. For more information, please visit

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