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The Power Of Imagination

A Quality product through Research & Development & Technology Collaborations from the house of Krishna Enterprise

Pure intention of providing quality equipment,inventing most innovative product feature, experience to resolve various casting issues, creating a healthy atmosphere for users and strong technical background, a perfect blend of all of above creates a strong brand and we call it S-WEINA®

S-WEINA® is a team of creative & innovative people that strive to accomplish the requirements of client by designing and delivering product & processes.

Initiated in the year 1999 with the clear intension to provide import substitute products in the field of Jewellery Manufacturing and to offer quality products and improve the technique of casting was the aim of the founder Shri Kamlesh Mistry. Through the years a series of technology collaborations, R&D efforts and experience in diverse applications and industrial areas including Dental Industry, Laboratory & Industrial furnace manufacturing, have made "S-WEINA®" , a brand from the house of Krishna Enterprise, a people can trust for quality results.

We measure our success based on our client's success. Our culture, enthusiasm and knowledge in the business gives our clients the assurance to rely on us.

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