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Mr. Shankhesh Shah, Managing Director, SRS Jewelcon on the growth of the tech and machinery sector in India:

Factors responsible for the growth of tech and Machinery sector in India.

Today, India is the most watched nation in terms of progress and prosperity. Thanks to the new Government which has made the way to conduct business very simple and transparent. India is known as a young nation and this itself defines the reason for its faster growth than any other economy. Competitiveness, Excellence in service levels and Quality products have made our tech products one of the best in the world.

Opinion on indigenous manufactured tech products and the "Make in India" initiative.

With new government comes new Ideas and plans, out of which one such is the 'Make in India' Initiative' which has given hope and exposure to millions of Businesses which are now able to explore the global market and increase their reach. Manufacturing sector is one such area which has profited from this Initiative. The tech and machinery sector has employed large number of Indian people in either their factories or stores. The "Make in India" inititive has indeed helped tech manufacturers to build International quality products and become world leaders.

On Challenges faced by Indian Tech and Machinery manufacturing companies.

Change is difficult to accept and is a process, especially when it comes to volatile economic situation. Both the International distributors as well as Indian manufacturers of tech products have to accept the change. It has to be mutual and a win - win situation. I think Indian tech manufacturers have to be more exposed to International markets and the said International distributors have to give Indian providers a similar platform that they give to other International manufacturers

On service efciency levels.

In any business, the after sales service plays the most integral part, if not catered properly a business losses a major share of customers. We are leading in distributing and selling very effective and unique machine tools, but service has been a part which we lack in. If we want to be seen on a global front, than we need to change the Service Efficiency level to its maximum. Indian manufactures need to work on this front.

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