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India is poised to become the global hub for jewellery manufacturing. What according to you are the important factors that are responsible for the growth of the Indian jewellery sector?

Indians have always been in awe for beautiful jewellery and most of the diamond studded jewellery have their origins from India. Art and beauty goes hand in hand and that is what brought jewellery creation in the olden times. But systematically we went down in that innovation due to lack of technology during the colonial period.

Thus major factors that will bring Indian jewellery to the forefront of global manufacturing platform will be the ability to utilize technology and innovate. The economy will be booming and India is poised to see high growth rate for atleast 15 years and that will give huge impetus to Indian manufacturer to experiment with newer ideas and products.

Technology and Machinery sector in India is evolving and competing with International tech manufacturers. Your opinion on the growth of indigenous manufactured tech products and the 'make in India' initiative of the government?

Government of India's 'Make in India' initiative is a blessing in disguise for both technology provider as well as jewellery manufacturer in India. This will help in a big way to overcome the deficiency of technology adoption by the market. We at Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. (SLTL) have always been a pioneer in bringing state of the art technology to Indian market.

What are the challenges faced by Indian tech and machine tool manufacturers in comparison with International distributors and what are the steps to overcome the same?

Adoption of technology has not been seen in the Indian manufacturing industry mainly due to low purchasing power capacity of the domestic market in comparison to the international market. Also domestic market was more prone to Gold buying instead of beautiful artisan created jewellery all these years, which is about to change with higher GDP growth.

How important is service efciency levels when it comes to distributing and selling state of the art tech and machine tools in India? Are the Indian manufacturers geared for the same?

High value capital goods demands high level of after sales service and efficiency. The manufacturers do not have liquidity / capital to invest into extra capacity when it comes to capital goods and thus they work with a limited quantity of state-of- the art equipments in their shopfloor. This means, technically they cannot afford any downtime. This is both an opportunity as well as crisis for the technology providers in the industry. We provide round-the-clock servicing to our customers and as we sell our equipments to over 30 countries worldwide, our service department do not stop working. The Indian manufacturer knows the international standards and thus will demand the same from his vendor.

What is your advice to the Indian Manufacturers to expand and grow among the Indian gem and jewellery sector?

We have to move around the world to understand what's happening in the market globally. Keep updating your knowledge and technology to bring the best in Class product and service to our customer. The world as a whole is getting to become one big global village with buyers having lot more options and sellers in deep competition. Today is a buyer's market and will be the same for a long time to come. Thus Indian manufacturers need to understand this as soon as possible and update technology and systems from time to time.

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