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Sarine's Artificial Intelligence Based 4Cs Diamond Grading Reports Adopted by Japan's K-Uno
The leading innovative K-Uno brand is the world's first jewellery retailer to adopt Sarine's technology-based 4Cs grading report

Sarine Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce that the leading Japanese jewellery company K-Uno is the first retailer in the world to adopt the new Sarine 4Cs diamond report – the world's first artificial-intelligence based, technology driven automated grading report.

K-Uno, a leader in Japan's jewellery retail market, is known for its innovation. The introduction of Sarine's 4Cs grading reports in the K-Uno chain was announced last week at the company's flagship store in the Ginza, Tokyo (, and is currently being rolled out to all K-Uno stores across the country. K-Uno mentioned that the primary advantages of the Sarine report are its improved accuracy of grading, compared to manual grading labs, and the ability to view the grading reports in an interactive way on mobile phones and other devices.

The Sarine Profile 4Cs Report adds 4Cs gradings to the other parameters already included in the Sarine Profile report, such as light performance, hearts and arrows, and other diamond visualisations and information. The key advantage of the Sarine 4Cs report compared to any other lab is the fact that Clarity and Color are both graded with the very latest artificial intelligence based technologies, using Sarine's ground-breaking automated Sarine Clarity and Sarine Color grading systems.

Sarine CEO David Block stated, "In addition to delivering the most reliable, advanced AI-based diamond grading, our 4Cs report also creates an intuitive digital experience that will help engage K-Uno customers throughout the diamond purchase journey. We are delighted to be strengthening our collaboration with K-Uno, and to bring the world's leading AI-driven technology to the in-store diamond jewellery experience. We expect additional retailers in the Asia Pacific region to soon be adopting the new Sarine Profile 4Cs reports."

About K-Uno:
Based on the concept of "Continually providing a special and pleasant experience to our customers", we are a brand that has been developed nationwide in Japan as a unique store specialising in jewelry, with a consistent approach emphasising in-house design, production and sales. Approximately 40,000 designs are produced annually by more than 50 in-house designers and over 180 craftsmen. In December 2015, as a result of our team's exceptional capabilities and efforts we were granted, for the first time ever in Japan, a patent for our proprietary technology for diamond cutting. In addition, we were ranked first in Japan in 2015 by the "Jewelry Market Survey 2016" conducted by the Yano Research Institute, based on a survey of made-to-order jewelry retail prices. We aim to be Japan's leading custom-made jewellery department store and strive to create a new custom-made culture. For more information visit

About Sarine Technologies:
Established in 1988, SarineTechnologies Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced evaluation, planning, processing, and finishing systems for diamond and gemstone production. Sarine products include the Galaxy® family of inclusion mapping systems, rough diamond planning optimisation systems, laser cutting and shaping systems, laser-marking and inscription machines and polished diamond Clarity, Color, Cut and light performance grading tools and visualisation systems. Sarine systems have become standard tools in every modern manufacturing plant, properly equipped gemology lab and diamond appraisal business, and are essential aids for diamond polishers, dealers and retailers.

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