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Leading companies that transform the jewellery industry through cutting edge technology

India has been historically one of the first economies to have mined and worked on Gold, Diamond and Gemstone jewellery. Indian artisans, over time have given the world the best of hand crafted jewellery that has always demanded a position of respect when it came to “exclusively crafted jewellery piece”. The Tools that were used way back in history has also a story to say as the artisans created their own tools and technology to come out with pieces of intricate art.

Today the gems and jewellery sector has advanced so much that world has become a smaller place and the opportunity that it unleashes is in itself proof of the growth of the industry. Over time, the Indian jewellery exporters have been expanding and growing their business and have been successful in sufficing the large gem and jewellery appetite globally. Till date the Indian made jewellery finds a prominent place and is always in demand as enterprising jewellers have expanded their trade all across continents.

The Technology & machinery sector in India has also evolved with time and has complimented the gem and jewellery industry equally well. The advent of cutting edge technology has been a blessing to the Indian jewellery manufacturers and has played a penultimate role in the producing world class jewellery. Over time a number of companies have ventured into supply of state of the art technology and machine tools to the gem and jewellery industry and have been successful in bringing in cutting edge tools from countries such as Germany, Italy, Turkey, Israel, US, China etc. A number of companies also have been manufacturing world class indigenously produced machinery that has always been high in demand. These manufacturers of machinery have understood the industry and have been servicing custom-made tools that have been high in demand. The recent ‘Make in India policy’ of the government has also equally complimented the efforts of such large and small manufacturers. All that glitters is due to the optimum utilisation of cutting edge Technology and Machine tools and so much so that technology and latest inventions have transformed the Gems and Jewellery industry globally. Large jewellery corporates have reaped the benefits of technology by expanding and growing to cater to a large International mass. Tools to cut, polish, laser engrave, refine and smelt have a new meaning now with the advent of technology. The entry of 3D printing and CADCAM software into the jewellery industry has changed the very perspective of the way jewellery was designed and manufactured. CADCAM till date has its place of pride as every jewellery piece can be designed with geometrical perfection. The gems and jewellery industry has come a long way from the time it forayed into the world market and now more industry members are looking at innovating the existing technology, with an aim to improve quality and reduce cost of production. Laser machines and laser heads is the call of the day where companies are making optimum utilization of technology using one laser head in as much as 3 workstations. This truly helps in saving costs and increase production limit. Manufacturers have also started using lost wax investment casting, which allows them to make designs of jewellery with more details but is cheaper as it is lighter. When it comes to Gold too, the fabrication process is mostly machine aided than manual as it helps the manufacturers in mass and light weight jewellery production.

As exports grow, jewellery companies irrespective of whether they are in Diamonds or fine jewellery have to cater to International standards and thus a number of Multinational technology companies have forayed into India to offer globally accepted machinery and equipments. This has not only increased production and exports, but also enhanced the quality of products. By and large, the Gems and Jewellery industry in India has been indifferent to the adoption and establishment of formal or informal industry standards. However, as the industry has grown and more and more businesses have started transacting on a global basis, a need has risen for establishing standards and implementation of quality systems.

It is a belief that machines take over Man, but the advent of technology and machinery has proved to generate employment in the country and according to a research report, there is a projected increase in the employment rate in specific segments such as Jewellery Fabrication, Diamond processing, Gemstones and other categories including Retail. It is expected that the Gems and Jewellery industry would have the potential to employ about 8 million persons by 2022. This would mean an incremental human resource requirement of about 4.6 million persons between 2008 and 2022.{Source: IMaCS analysis}.

The Jewellery Technology & Machinery [JTM] magazine was launched to provide recognition and become a mouthpiece for the technology and machine tools sector of India. Over time JTM has been closely working with many a tech company to write, promote, and structure their very brand so much so that the magazine and its bureau studied the very growth and evolution of the industry. We at the JTM team are more than proud to announce the “TOP 50” companies carefully selected from the “Manufacturing, Dealer / Distributer, Online, Academic and other segments”, all of those who have been truly instrumental and influential to the growth of the Jewellery Industry in India. Their passion dedication and risk taking abilities have made them “Change makers” in the true sense.

The TOP 50 recognition is a well deserved appreciation for all the manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and companies having excelled in education, online business and more pertaining to the Technology & machinery sector in India. On behalf of the JTM team and the gem and jewellery industry as a whole, we congratulate the TOP 50 companies and wish them many more such recognition and accolades. Feast your eye on the best in the Industry, the TOP 50... more

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