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Tagit RFID Solutions and Irisys become Synergy Partners

Tagit RFID Solutions and Irisys Announce a Strategic Partnership to Deliver Next
Generation people-counting technologies to their customers in the GCC.

​In the growing and competitive retail and service sectors of the GCC, people-counting and footfall tracking are strategic tools for operational planning and efficiency.

Tagit RFID Solutions (Tagit) announce its partnership agreement with Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd (Irisys) in providing people-counting technologies to their customers in the GCC. Irisys’ thermal imaging technology will enhance Tagit’s RFID solutions to offer a unique benefit in the tracking and analysis of visitor and employee footfall.

The Irisys Gazelle 2 product range provides a variety of counters for a diverse range of applications including people-counting, queue management, security and smart building management.

In supermarkets, airports, malls and public spaces people-counting solutions highlight customer trends and conversion rates that can better enable management to predict daily, seasonal and promotional staffing requirements.

Tagit RFID Solutions Executive Vice President Jamie More explains, “In Irisys, we have found a robust and supportive partner for footfall count, with a proven track record globally. The Gazelle 2 counters offer value for money, very high levels of accuracy, ease of installation and require virtually no maintenance. We are proud to be an Irisys Synergy Partner and we look forward to working with them to bring leading solutions to the GCC region and beyond.”

​To date, over 400,000 Irisys counters have been installed globally across several industries. Alan Thomson, Account Director for Irisys explains, “Our Gazelle 2 range of counters are invaluable tools for business operators to measure and manage footfall. Our online Partner Portal gives access to technical documents, support, market analysis tools and training courses to ensure our partners can continue to work to our stringent standards of service and implementation. We are delighted to have Tagit RFID Solutions join our Synergy Partner programme as partners for the GCC region.

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