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The Tech and Machinery sector concerning the Gem and Jewellery Industry is on a roll with the demand growing to suffice the large appetite of jewellery manufacturers looking at bringing in state of the art machine tools to produce quality fine jewellery. While multinational jewellery retailers look at large   more
Tracr™, the end-to-end diamond industry blockchain traceability platform being developed by De Beers Group in collaboration with key industry stakeholders, today announced that Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group ("Chow Tai Fook") has joined the platform's pilot programme.   more
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  GIA Research Scientist Offers Seminars on Diamonds in Mumbai
GIA India conducted educational seminars about "Identification and Update on Laboratory-Grown Diamonds" and "The Causes of Colour in Natural Fancy-Coloured Diamonds" on Jan. 24, at Bharat Diamond Bourse Convention Hall in Mumbai. The seminars were presented by Dr. Sally   more
  Sarine Launches Cutting-Edge Laboratory at IDWI
Sarine Technologies is inaugurating its newly branded, advanced and fully automated diamond grading lab, the only such facility based on artificial intelligence (AI), during the International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI) on January 28 – 30, 2019. The launch follows an initial pilot of the lab facility   more
The countdown has begun to the new edition of the most important technical-scientific event specifically for gold and jewellery. Staged as part of T.GOLD, the international show for machinery and the most innovative technologies applied to gold, coloured and precious   more
It is indeed an importantaspect of trade: Customer relationship management / Training and Education. The Three pillars of the sector would become a game changer for various companies if they look into it seriously and invest in the said activities. With more number of products available from countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan etc, it becomes imperative for domestic tech service providers to enhance and upgrade their respective allied services to the clients. The Industry has been talking about the after sales and   more
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The gold has to melt itself in fire to remove impurities and then get casted in shape of desire and ultimately polished to achieve glitter –to make it a jewel... so should a man also to achieve outstanding success! This was the thought of Mr. Jaysukh Adesara – A young entrepreneur with immense energy & burning desire to deliver the best machinery to the jewellery manufacturing sector. When he started his first unit titled R C industries in 1976,   more
Fulfilling the industry's requirement of highprecision and top-notch quality printers, we have been a part of numbers of jewellery manufacturing units across India. We are currently available at Surat, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Rajkot, and Delhi. Sculptoris Innovation, popularly known as NCH Group previously is co-founded by Mr. Vivek Sojitra and Mr. Ghanshyam Khanpara. NCH Group has been serving   more
In such a mind-spinning world, it may be tempting for corporate managers to be in their bunkers and simply think of options by slashing costs to get their business done with ease and on time. DRC Techno is an Indian, Research & Development organization whose mission is to provide services Filled with customer centric approach through a distinguished but affordable product for diamond manufacturing, Trading & Retail industry. We focus on improving   more
The Cutting Edge Of Jewellery Manufacturing
G3D bring you the world's first CAD to CAST Solution. A Solution created specifically to aid and improve your current Jewellery manufacturing process, redefining the limits of pattern and design creation.The process starts with G3D's revolutionary and industry leading DLP 3D printers, capable of 17um XY resolution and boasting lightning fast build speeds of 7mm per hour. This incredible accuracy allows you to re-imagine designs and create unigue and bespoke patterns   more
"Innovative Measurement Technologies"
"With its GOLDSCOPE series, Fischer offers a tailored solution for the non-destructive testing of gold and precious metals. The hardware and software of these robust X-ray fluorescence instruments is adapted to the unique requirements of the jewellery and gold sector. Focusing on the most important functions has made it possible to keep costs down while incorporating only proven, high quality components" Fischer Measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., is an ISO 9001 certified company and 100% subsidiary of Helmut Fischer Holding, Switzerland. Founded in 1953, Helmut   more
Axis Tool Tech, was founded by shri Chimanbhai Chothani in year 1990, It was initially named Sri Laxmi Tools and was renamed in year 2015 to Axis tool Tech by Mr.Chimanbhai Chothani And Mr.Hardik Ramani. Axis Tool Tech offers CNC machinery, higher precision diamond tools, as well as related products. The company has sufficient experience is production, marketing and a Knowledgeable Research & Development team for diamond cutting tools.   more

Manufacturer / Principal
Tech & Machinery Manufacturers lead India to Become the Global Hub for Jewellery Production
All that glitters is due to the optimum utilisation of cutting edge Technology and Machine tools and so much so that technology and latest inventions have transformed the Gems and Jewellery industry globally. Large jewellery corporate have reaped the benefits of technology by expanding and growing to cater to a large International mass. The entry of CACAM software into the jewellery industry changed the perspective of the way jewellery was designed and manufactured. CADCAM till date has its place of pride as every jewellery   more
Being born in a Gold smith family as a well known class jewellery artisan of the Era, Mr Himmatlal Soni was always a person who nurtured an ardent passion for Technology and witnessed its evolution over time. Also he himself was a very good Engineer and machinist & had a mastery in jewellery die making & Machine Manufacturing & used his talent to make the jewellery making process simpler, faster, productive & cost efficient, all at the same time. He developed   more
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. (SLTL) is one of the largest manufacturer of equipment in the world for the Diamond Sector. Since year 1989, the company has grown leaps and bounds with offices in USA, Germany, UK and China and exporting to over 24 countries such as Russia, Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri lanka, Thailand, Namibia, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, Iran,   more
Solanki Mechanic Works
Solanki Mechanic Works, a Gold Jewellery Machine manufacturing unit was incorporated in the year 1965, to cater to the Indian Jewellery manufacturers. Over the 4 decades Solanki Mechanic Works has grown from strength to strength based on Superior Machine Quality, Innovative Machine Designs and very efficient after Sales support. Today Solanki Mechanic Works provides customized solutions   more
The Power Of Imagination
Pure intention of providing quality equipment,inventing most innovative product feature, experience to resolve various casting issues, creating a healthy atmosphere for users and strong technical background, a perfect blend of all of above creates a strong brand and we call it S-WEINA® S-WEINA® is a team of creative & innovative people that strive to accomplish the requirements of client by designing and delivering product & processes. Initiated in the year 1999 with the clear intension to provide import substitute   more
Amrit Group
The Amrit Group established in 1984, owned by Mr.J.P.Khandelwal a qualified and highly experienced engineer is one of the most prestigious and dynamic company in manufacturing, importing and exporting of Diamond Studded Gold and Platinum Jewellery, processing and polishing of Diamonds from 0.50 CTS and above, and one of the Worlds leading manufacturers of Gold and Silver Refining Plants namely Amrit precious metal   more
Gold Side Production
Gold side production is an India based leading manufacturer and exporter of jewellery making machinery & equipments since 1992. The brand name of the company is "LION GOLD SMITH". The founder Mr. Dineshbhai Rabadiya has continuously strived to achieve excellence in qualitative production. Gold Side is in to manufacturing of Special purpose rolling mill, Tube forming machine, Jewellery polishing machine, faceting machine, Design rolls etc. The company's range of products includes small, medium & special purpose rolling mills, Bangle sizing, Hydraulic press, Cutting press, Vacuum buff polisher, Vibrator Polishing machine, S. S. Media for polishing machine.   more
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The Responsible Gold Ecosystem, developed by Emergent Technology Holdings LP ("EmTech"), is the world's first gold supply chain ecosystem to receive Shariah-compliance certification. The blockchain-based platform comprises the Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application ("RG SCA"), which   more
Gemological Science International(GSI) announced today that Debbie Azar, Co-Founder and President, has become the newest member of the elite 24 Karat Club. Since 1902, The 24 Karat Club, located in Manhattan has fostered the interests of the jewelry industry. With a profound belief that values and integrity are found in creating lasting relationships, The 24 Karat Club aligns with GSI's own value proposition.   more
Gemological Science International(GSI) announced today that Debbie Azar, Co-Founder and President, has become the newest member of the elite 24 Karat Club. Since 1902, The 24 Karat Club, located in Manhattan has fostered the interests of the jewelry   more
IGI Launches New Facility at Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai
The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world's largest independent gemological institute, announced the October 16th, 2018 opening of a new facility in Mumbai at the Bharat Diamond Bourse. Located at Tower FW in the exchange, the space will   more

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