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Tha Technology and Machinery sector related to the Indian gems and jewellery industry is on a roll as demand Tfrom jewellery manufacturers' is on the rise with respect to using state of the art tech products for jewellery making, diamond grading, identification of stones and many other activities.   more
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It's absolutely right if De Beers does it?
DeBeers launches 'Lightbox Jewellery' – A Lab grown jewellery brand
The announcement by DeBeers to launch 'Lightbox Jewellery' that would market a new brand of Lab grown Diamond jewellery under 'Lightbox' to offer consumers high quality fashion jewellery   more
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INDIA A Growing Technology Market
All that glitters is due to the optimum utilisation of cutting edge Technology and Machine tools and so much so that technology and latest inventions have transformed the Gems and Jewellery industry globally. Large jewellery Technology & Machine tool manufacturers have reaped the benefits of technology by expanding and growing to cater to a large International mass. The entry of Laser technology in sawing, gold testing, welding, and hallmarking has indeed shaped the transformation of the sector in India. Indian Manufacturers producing state of the art equipments for   more
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.
JTM Bureau spoke to Mr. Arvind Patel, Managing Director Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd on the important Role of Indigenous manufactured tech and machine tools and the advantage that Indian manufactured product has in the jewellery sector. Excerpts:
India is poised to become the global hub for jewellery   more
Aditi Laser Integrator
JTM Bureau in an exclusive with Mr. Bhavin Kamdar, Director, Aditi Laser Integrator on the current market scenario in the Indian jewellery manufacturing sector. An exclusive:
India is poised to become the global hub for jewellery manufacturing. What according to you are the important factors that are responsible for the   more
SRS Jewelkon India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Shankhesh Shah, Managing Director, SRS Jewelcon on the growth of the tech and machinery sector in India:
Factors responsible for the growth of tech and Machinery sector in India.
Today, India is the most watched nation in terms of progress and prosperity. Thanks to the new Government which has made the way to conduct   more
Naresh Balani
Director, Amrit Gems Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Amrit Gems Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Naresh Balani, Director, Amrit Gems Tech Pvt. Ltd. opines on the strengths and challenges faced by the Indian tech sector and talks about the road ahead. An exclusive:
Technology and Machinery sector in India is evolving and competing with International tech manufacturers. Your opinion on the growth of indigenous manufactured tech products and the 'make in   more
Krishna Enterprise
Mr. Kamlesh Mistry, Director, Krishna Enterprises, in this exclusive interview talks on the current market scenario and the future of the tech and machinery sector in India.
Technology and Machinery sector in India is evolving and competing with International tech manufacturers. Your opinion on the growth of indigenous manufactured tech   more
Gold Side Production
An exclusive with Mr. Dilip Kakkad, Manager of Gold Side Production on the current trend and future road map concerning the Tech and Machinery sector in India.
India will be a global hub for jewellery manufacturing. What are the important factors that have contributed to the growth of this sector? The Gems and Jewellery sector plays a significant role in   more
Kaustubhh Technocraft
Mr. Ramkrishna Soni, Proprietor, Kaustubhh Technocraft on the Indian Tech and Machinery sector An exclusive:
Factors that have resulted in the growth of Tech and Machinery sector in India.
INDIA, in fact the "SONE KI CHIDIYA" was well known since centuries as the hub for its traditional jewellery & jewellery making art, thanks for being gifted by the great artisans   more
H.K.Malvi Industries
Mr. Shyam Malvi, Director of H.K. Malvi Industries talks about the role of the tech and machinery sector in the Indian gems and jewellery sector in this exclusive interview. Excerpts:
What are the challenges faced by Indian tech and machine tool manufacturers in comparison with international distributors and what are the steps to overcome   more
Amol Dies Maker
Mr. Amol B Kharote, Director, Amol Dies Maker on the current trend in the Tech and Machine tool sector and the challenges faced. Excerpts:
Your opinion on the growth of indigenous manufactured tech products and the 'Make In India' initiative of the government? The 'Make In India' initiative has allowed all of our small businesses to   more

Brand News
"Innovative Measurement Technologies"
"With its GOLDSCOPE series, Fischer offers a tailored solution for the non-destructive testing of gold and precious metals. The hardware and software of these robust X-ray fluorescence instruments is adapted to the unique requirements of the jewellery and gold sector. Focusing on the most important functions   more
Imaginarium is India's largest 3D printing and advanced manufacturing company and a pioneer of 3D printing technology in the subcontinent. With it's fleet of over 22 state of art 3D printers and a workforce of 220 skilled employees, Imaginarium caters to a diverse range of industries that includes Jewellery, Automotive, Aerospace, FMCG, White   more
Goldstar Powders Pvt Ltd
G3D India, a machinery division of Goldstar Powders Pvt Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Investment Powders & Jewellery waxes is making huge waves in the realm of 3D Rapid Prototyping Machines. The company founded in 2001 is wholly owned by UK Public Listed company Goodwin PLC and   more
Ankitst Jewel Tools Pvt Ltd.
ANKITST is a collaboration of Ankit Enterprises & Radhika Electricals. This collaboration took place in 2003. It has been over a decade serving the jewellery industry. More than 25 years of personal experience of service to jewellery industry by our Managing Director Mr. Pradip Varsaale and Mr. Ketan Jatakia. Today we exclusively represent International repute brands supplying very   more
BVC Ventures
BVC Logistics is a market leader in providing integrated solutions within express logistics, contract logistics, project logistics, ocean and air cargo. Over the past five decades, BVC has pioneered critical offerings in niche sectors. At BVC, benchmarked quality standards, standardised processes and operational excellence across services has helped BVC in emerging as a market leader within several verticals.   more
Aditi Laser group
Aditi Laser Integrator was formed in the year 2010 to manufacture and distribute indigenous manufactured as well as International state of the art products to the jewellery manufacturing sector in India. The motive of the founder members behind incorporation of the company is to manufacture laser machines with innovative ways that can appeal customers for both the designs and usage capabilities.   more

Events & News
India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) 2018 slated to be held from 9TH - 13TH August to showcase India's leadership role in the world G&J sector
The 35th edition of Premier IIJS 2018 is all set to showcase India's leadership role in the gem and jewellery sector from 9thAugust – 13th August, 2018 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon. Organised by GJEPC, IIJS will witness the biggest assembly of retailers, wholesalers, distributors and designers and around 40,000 domestic and international   more
De Beers Group recently announced the launch of a new company called Lightbox Jewelry that will begin marketing a new brand of laboratory-grown diamond jewelry under the Lightbox name in September, offering consumers high-quality, fashion jewelry designs at lower prices than existing lab-grown diamond offerings. Lightbox lab-grown diamonds will retail from US$200 for a quarter-carat stone to   more
Severalmaz to test unmanned technologies for mine and geodetic surveying
PJSC Severalmaz tested unmanned aerial vehicles - a quadcopter and an airplane - for mine surveying of land objects of Lomonosov Mining and Processing Division.Preliminary estimates show that the use of unmanned technologies provides high survey accuracy, increases the speed and safety of work. Geoscan 401 Geodesy quadcopter and Geoscan 101 Geodesy aircraft by Geoscan were used for mine and geodetic surveying.There was test mine surveying of the open-pit mine, dump, ore storages and other   more
Surat Diamond Association President Babu Bhai N Gujarati and Mr. Gourav Sethi, Exhibition Convenor and Board Member told that SDA is consistently working towards the growth of diamond industry and endeavors to keep it on the forefront of the world map. SDA takes great pride in announcing an exclusive showcase of loose diamonds "CARATS   more

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