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Shree Rapid Technologies
We are brining world’s best CAD-CAM Technologies from W3D Systems USA, to the Jewellery industry in India. We are dealing with 3D Systems leading CAM technologies since past 18 years & our CAM systems are in operation in leading Jewellery companies in India,   more
Garg Electroheat
Melting is the first step of processing Gold or Silver for jewellery manufacturing or refining etc. The latest technology in melting precious metals is Induction Technology. The advantages of Induction Technology are many like speed and homogeneity. It also ensures low loss of metal and high production output. GARG ELECTRO HEAT manufactures Induction Gold/Silver Melting Machines ranging from 1 Kg to 25 Kg.   more
GURUKRUPA LASER TECH GLT-400 New Launch for Gold Cutting
GLT 400 Fiber Laser Machine developed by Gurukrupa Laser Tech with the advanced Technology in the world. It uses Fibre Laser. It is for high power marking and cutting machine for gold, silver and copper cutting up to 1.00 m.m. thickness with low weight loss up to   more
Ramana Jevar Equipments & Supplies
Established in the year 2009, “Ramana Jevar Equipments & Supplies”, are suppliers of Jewellery Manufacturing Equipments, providing solutions to a wide cross-section of Jewellery Manufacturing Industries, company headquartered in Mumbai – the commercial and Jewellery Hub   more
Nickunj is proud to introduce the Topcast Range of Casting Machines
Topcast’s TVC 3D and TVC 10D Casting machines are unparalleled in their accuracy for complex castings. TVCd: Pressure over Vacuum Casting Machines - Double Chamber These units are designed to meet the severest of needs in lost wax casting production. They work with a revolutionary   more
The need for concept designing has increased considerably in recent years owing to the demand for customization. Currently, 3D printing allows the designer to create contemporary, lightweight yet complex designs that can be customized and selected in a digital format and then sent for ‘printing’. The future, however, holds a much more upshot division of technology that   more
Ultra Shine-A product par excellence form the house of SRS Jewelkon
Premium grade Master alloys for Gold and Silver.
Silver Alloys ranging 1500 to 6000 INR/kg.
Gold Alloys ranging from INR 6000/kg onwards.   more
Techmology Behind The Object of Beauty
The jewellery Industry Needs Lasers For Many Apllications:
Marking Of Logos, Hallmarking Or Branding : All Lasers Can mark But all cannot mark as sharp & crisp on gold & silver. area of marking on curved surface by laser is Quite a challenge as the disign is long.   more
Karat Meter JL - Precious Alloy Analyzer
Quantum Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd., always front runner in XRF Gold alloy analyzer and laser marker in Asian and Gulf countries introduces its new series Karat Meter JL based on high end PIN diode and silicon drift SDD detectors. Thanks to our European partner who has developed such a great   more
Gold Star Powders Pvt. Ltd.
Goldstar Powders started in India in the year 2001 with a core objective of manufacturing Jewellery Investment powder which is used in the jewellery Industry. The state of art manufacturing facility is situated in Chennai, India. Goldstar India is a part of Goodwin   more
KAIZER - 3D Printer
Kaizer 3D Printer is a technology company in the field of generative rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing systems Kaizer 3D printer Manufactur in INDIA.
We bring a new and generative technology to the market that is setting a new benchmark in speed and accuracy.
All in all we stand for these core values: Strong customer & partner relationship, highest efficiency based on production quality and cost-per-part!All in all we stand for these   more
When we draw a picture of an object on paper, it has two dimensions, one in X axis and second in Y axis. In this picture you do not get the details about the depth ie Z axis. We can also draw this picture with a tilt and one can get the idea of the depth also. Still you will not be able to hold this object in your hand and see all the details in 360 degrees, in all the three axis viz X , Y and Z.   more
Soon to be released mini Raman Spectrometer to enable dealers to definitively identify synthetics and HPHT colour-treated diamonds
A mini Raman Spectrometer, which is able to accurately detect HPHT and CVD lab-grown synthetic diamonds and HPHT colour-treated diamonds, as well as diamond simulants  more
Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ DXL Precious Metal Analyzer
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world Tleader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges  more
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