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With a passion for precision, we proud to be the industry leader on diamond tools for jewellery. We love to invest on development, we love to make our clients happy. We love them to feel a part of our family.

We keep learning, developing, expanding and rounding the world to bring the newest technologies to your door. Today, we proud to be one of the best diamond cutting tools suppliers of the world, specializing on industrial diamond tools.


  • Established as a local trading company in Fatih district of Istanbul by Huseyin Hilmi Efendi in 1916

  • Moved to Beykoz district as a metal trading company by M. Cemalettin Bulunmaz in 1955

  • Moved back to Grand Bazaar district and restructured to a jewellery workshop in 1977 by Hilmi Bulunmaz

  • Restructured as a diamond tool company and focused on that field in 1982

  • Started exporting diamond tools in 1987

  • First appearance in Istanbul jewellery exhibition in 1992

  • Bought one of the leading diamond tool manufacturer factories in Germany in 2003

  • Started global marketing by Cemal Bulunmaz with first appearance in international exhibitions (Kiev, Ukraine) in 2004

  • First office abroad (in Kostroma, Russia) in 2006

  • First appearance in major jewellery exhibitions as Vicenza, Basel, Las Vegas, Hong Kong in 2010

  • Become the second company in the world using CNC machine tecnology in diamond tool manufacture in 2011

  • First office in Iran in 2014


  • Tool design and manufacturing | 0,01 precision

  • Tool repair and reforming

  • Quality inspection

  • Training


  • Innovation

  • Leadership

  • Productivity

  • Investment on people

  • Investment on technology

  • Global line of vision


  • User-friendly interface, easy export from AutoCad designs, real time working simulation

  • Over 2000 wedding ring designs comes totally free with that ring making machine

  • 40.000 rpm (vertical) and 24.000 rpm (horizontal) double spindles

  • Easy zero option | just set round size and thickness of the ring

  • Totally isolated working area - get %100 gold dust back

  • Software & attachments included - turnkey solution

  • Work with CNC bangles and pendants with an easy attachment change

  • Free training in your plant + life time technical support

  • See Ringmaker live at our Istanbul office or world-wide exhibitons | Hong Kong, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Vicenza

  • Meet your magic cnc ring machine - it's one of the easiest wedding rings machines

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