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We take up consultancy work for complete factory set ups and Wrepresent some of the finest machinery manufacturers worldwide for jewellery manufacturing.

Late Mr. Wadia was the pioneering force behind introducing revolutionary machines for mass production of jewellery in India, when goldsmiths were still making jewellery one piece at a time using blow pipes and gas for linking jewellery which had very harmful issues around the entire factory. It was this expertise and reputation which caught the attention of international suppliers, who saw the potential of the Indian markets during the 1980s and approached Mr. Wadia for selling their products. Needless to say, the arrangement worked out very well and served as a platform to boost the Indian jewellery trade internationally.

We brought in the the revolution by introducing excellent Laser Welders from SISMA S.p.a of Italy to substitute the manual processes and speed them up with accuracy. Precision in micro Laser marking also was brought about with the use of SISMA laser Markers which were also perfectly calibrated for precious metal. Similarly, cutting Gold metal gained momentum becauseSISMA Laser cutting machines were calibrated for almost no gold loss. Sisma also integrated CNC and lasers for Jewellery applications for the first time with the new machine TWIN of Sisma.

The harmful effects of Cadmium Solders was tackled by introducing HILDERBRAND paste solders of Switzerland which were free of any hazardous materials. The study of Gold plating layers for excellent surface finished was deeply researched and brought to the Indian Market from Umicore GmbH, Germany. Rhodium Plating of jewellery by various solutions from Umicore have added great whiteness to the jewellery and diamond light. Another revolutionary product AntiTarnish 616 from Umicore gives a nano coating to plated jewellery, thereby extending the life of the plating and hence is a forerunner in the jewellery industry.

Also recently, we have introduced new generation Automatic Platinum / Gold Casting Machines from ULTRAFLEX of Bulgaria for flawless casting of even Titanium and Platinum which are normally difficult to cast without flaws. Thus, our endeavour is to tailor-make solutions according to specific requirements of our clients from inception to completion.

Sisma is a worldwide reference in designing and producing high precision machinery and laser systems. Established in 1961, Sisma can count on a long time experience over more than 130 models of automatic chain making machines. Today at the forefront in the development of laser systems, Sisma has been able to extend its know-how to marking, welding, cutting, engraving and additive manufacturing. Innovative by vocation, Sisma combines a cutting edge and independent production organization with a wealth of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing top product quality and a prompt response to market needs.

Umicore Electroplating is the Umicore Group's central body for electroplating and is responsible for product development, production, sales and service coordination in around 60 countries.

The company boasts a long history in Schwäbisch Gmünd reaching back to 1888. Founded as a precious metals refinery, the company is now a globally leading company in precious metal electroplating. Umicore Electroplating is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allgemeine Gold-und Silberscheideanstalt AG, Pforzheim, whose majority owner is the Umicore Group.

Electroplating is currently referred to as a cross-sectional technology, as it is used on almost all everyday products and/or facilitates their production. Almost all renowned producers in the communications, automotive and jewellery industries directly or indirectly use items that have been plated using Umicore products from Schwäbisch Gmünd. Umicore Electroplating operates and enjoys a leading position in a special niche area defined by precious metal-based plating combinations.

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