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Angola's National Diamond Marketing Company, SODIAM E.P, held on this Thursday, June 24 in Luanda, its third rough diamond auction, having raised a total gross value of USD 56.6 Million

Angola's National Diamond Trading Company, SODIAM E.P, sold this Thursday, at auction, special diamond productions from Uari, Lulo, Catoca and Luele.

The value of the global sale was USD 56,645,764.77.

The 3rd rough diamond auction in Luanda, whose evaluation sessions took place between the 9th and 23rd of June 2021, at SODIAM EP premises, included the submission of proposals, submitted electronically, until 11:00 am today, June 24, at

Aside from a diversified pack of special stones, was also at auction, a batch of “run-ofmine” composition of stones which were also made available in all sizes of the production of kimberlite Luele in the Luaxe region.

A detailed participation rules package was provided to attendees and viewing bookings were made via the address:

Altogether more than 50 companies participated in the auction.

The first tender organized by SODIAM took place in February 2019, in line with the New Diamond Marketing Policy, while the second took place in December same year.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, it was not possible to organize tenders in 2020, while all the necessary precautions and health measures demanded by authorities for control and fight against Covid were taken.

In the current format of the purchase and sale of diamonds, participating companies present their bids remotely, in a closed model, on the “online” electronic platform created for this purpose, a model that generates greater transparency in the process and allows for a higher commercial value for available stones.

Regardless of all restrições due to Covid, this third rough diamond tender was the best so far, in terms of participation and revenue.

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