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Building confidence within the Diamond Industry

The business started when De Beers Group decided it was important they made more effort to support the detection of synthetics in the industry. The company had used a third party to distribute the DiamondSure™ and DiamondView™ machines, but were becoming increasingly frustrated by customer complaints with regards to servicing and support, so the company decided to take back control and sell the equipment themselves. This was in 2012 and since then De Beers Group Idustry services has grown the business to become a fullservice business to the industry. The vision of the company is to achieve a reputation as the premier service provider in the industry focused on maintaining both trade and consumer confidence in real natural diamonds. The greatest challenge is to support the global business. De Beers Group Industry services has facilities in India, Antwerp, and near London and have potential clients across the globe. Therefore, the company acts as consultants in providing solutions. They suggest equipment is purchased at various stages of the pipeline, and provide bespoke testing programs that meet the clients' needs, or the company may provide help with importing and exporting shipments for testing.

De Beers Group Industry services looks for bespoke solutions to help clients. At the moment they have laboratories in Antwerp, Surat and near LondonThere is no doubt the company will continue to grow significantly over the coming decade and supporting the industry across the globe is of paramount importance. De Beers Group Industry services has more strategic partnerships. In the Middle-East for example, the company has signed a collaboration agreement with Danat for Grading and Education. 'De Beers Group will be present at the Dubai Diamond Conference with the DPA as part of the Assure project where the award-winning equipments will be available for demonstration of Synthdetect (winner of JNA Awards) and Diamond View.

De Beers Group Technology was recently recognized for 'Best Use of Technology' winning the Leading Lights award at the International Jewellery London show. De Beers Group Industry Services has won the award for Best Use of Technology with the judges admiring the group's "outstanding commercial relevance and accurate solutions to tackle challenges in the industry for the ultimate benefit of the end consumer." Jonathan Kendall, President of De Beers Group Industry Services, said: "We are very proud that our proprietary technology has been recognised one more time to help strengthen confidence in the industry." The importance of education can never be under stated. Iff you want to be successful in life, educate yourself more and more

• The current Market scenario on Diamond testing Instruments:

In the current market scenario owning and correctly using testing instruments is an essential part of doing business. Determination of Diamonds ie: Natural vis-a-vis synthetic is critical at every touch point in the diamond and diamond jewellery supply chain. As more synthetic diamonds are produced globally the potential of undisclosed synthetic diamonds entering the supply chain increases, so instruments offered by De Beers Group Industry Services gives complete confidence to the diamond sector. SYNTHdetect, an instrument primarily used for set jewellery pieces, and the AMS2, primarily used for loose melee screening, are the leading instruments that are state of the art technology, and a result of decades of research from the De Beers Group, the world's leading diamond company.

• Unique features of SYNTHdetect, AMS2 and DiamondView:

De Beers Group Industry services has worked with the leading scientists in the world to develop the very best and most efficient technologically advanced instruments in the market today. SYNTHdetect and AMS2 offer the lowest referral rates, and DiamondView continues to be very popular and was the only instrument to score 100% detection in the recent independent DPA Assure testing. De Beers Group Industry Services' instruments price range from US$18,500 to US$45,000, but this is reflected in the premium and highly advanced technology housed within the instruments which cannot be matched.

• De Beers Industry Services on building Consumer Confidence:

Consumer confidence is everything in today's diamond market, and this is fundamental to everything that De Beers Group Industry Services does. From detection instruments, parallel Testing Services, to Diamond Grading and Education courses, consumer confidence underpins every single of the activities.

• Awards and Accolades:

Since the launch, AMS2 and SYNTHdetect instruments, have proved incredibly popular across the diamond supply chain. The technologically advanced products have regularly won many an award and accolade, the most recent being for Best use of Technology in the UK - (Leading Light Awards. De Beers Group Industry services sell all their instruments to the trade and also use them within their internal testing services, offered at all three global locations (Surat, Antwerp and the UK). De Beers Industry services' instruments are the best in the industry and has been verified by the recent DPA Assure results.

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Some interesting insights into Generation Z (15-25-year-olds) from a new CIBJO report titled Deconstructing the Next Great Jewellery-Consuming Generation by Jonathan Kendall, President of De Beers Group Industry Services.

• Members of Generation Z are forecast to spend US$143 billion in 2019 alone
• Gen-Z are the most well-travelled group in history, with a passion for seeing the world that should be considered by brands and businesses.
• Gen-Z has a desire for spontaneity that needs to be considered by jewellery marketing specialists
• Around 40% would like to become entrepreneurs. An opportunity exists to target budding young entrepreneurs
• One in three members of Gen Z expect to buy second-hand clothes, shoes or accessories, 46% up from the amount reported in 2017
• Demand for second-hand, driven by Gen Z is expected to push the resale sector to US$51 billion by 2023. Jewellery businesses need to find new ways to market the upcycling and re-using aspects of their trade
• 70% consider sustainability to be an important factor in making a purchase
• Jewellers and brands should consider collaborating with vintage brands to create retro products with a contemporary spin
• Gender neutral collections and diverse marketing collateral will become even more relevant for Generation Z consumers
• Brands should aim to sound like 'friends' to appeal to Generation Z, including but not limited to the brand names themselves e.g. Florence by Mills (the skincare brand created by 15-year-old Stranger Things actress, Millie Bobby Brown
• More than 80% of Gen Z customers read reviews before they buy products
• 82% are more likely to buy a product with good environmental credentials

Jonathan wrote this report in his capacity as President of the CIBJO Marketing & Education Commission.

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