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India Gets its TOP 50

Technology and Machinery Stalwarts push Indian Gem and Jewellery manufacturing sector to bring out world class output

The Technology & Machinery Industry has been the back bone of a robust Gem and Jewellery sector of India which is Millions of dollars worth of economic revenue for the country. The evolution of the Tech segment has been interesting and over a couple of decades this Industry has mastered procuring and manufacturing state of the art cutting edge Machine tools. The sheer passion and dedication of the Tech leaders have to be recognised and appreciated, for, without their entrepreneurial skills and risk taking abilities the Indian Manufacturing segment would not have been where it is today, A world class Jewellery Industry.

JTM [Jewellery Technology & Machinery] Magazine has been initiated to represent and give a voice to the Tech and Machinery sector of India and has been witness to this ever evolving Industry. JTM Bureau, over time has met up with a large number of companies from the sector and has known their progress and contribution to the Jewellery Manufacturing segment in the country. Treading through this segment and carefully taking into account the progress and responsiveness of the Technology & Machinery Industry, JTM bureau has unleashed “INDIA’S TOP 50 Companies” from the sector in this special IIJS 2017 report. Companies who with sheer dedication and passion have strived hard to either manufacture the best of indigenously made machinery or bring in world class tools to the Indian Jewellery manufacturers have made it to the TOP 50 companies in India. This being the first edition, we at JTM hope to bring out this special research report year on year and introduce you to the TOP 50 companies in the Technology & Machinery sector who have helped in taking the Indian Gem and Jewellery Industry on top of the world.

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