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Diamond detection equipments are becoming a necessity and a big business for the tech and machinery sector especially in an economy like India which is the hub for global Diamond trade. The demand is extensive as detection of synthetics and avoiding mixture in the Natural Diamond parcel is the call of the day. Sarine Technologies, the Israel based tech provider has scaled heights by introducing Artificial Intelligence [AI] to detect Synthetics from Natural diamonds. The accuracy and efficacy of the Sarine equipment is tested and is largely successful to the Diamond business.

While we are witnessing an exodus in the import of technology & machine tools into India, the indigenous tech manufacturers are also not leaving any stone unturned to develop and expand the Indian trade in the Gold sector. Chain making machines, molds and accessories are becoming big business in the country and Indian made products are also a huge success in the International markets.

With IIJS scheduled for the 2nd week of August along with the Technology and Machinery exhibition a number of companies from India and abroad are scheduled to launch new cutting edge technology products for the Indian market. The Indian jewellery manufacturers are looking at making hay of the large 'outsourcing business' and are welcoming new technology products that will cut production time and produce high quality jewellery products as per the specifications received by the principal companies. All in all India is a win-win for both the Tech sector as well as the Jewellery manufacturing business.

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