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History is witness to the phenomenal transformation that the global gems and jewellery industry has experienced over a period era. Colors have added life to the very existence of mankind. Colors have played an important role in every human life, be it in his fast paced lifestyle, fashion statements, jewellery and accessories or food. Colors have influenced many of our decisions in day to day life so much so that we make sure that our everyday surroundings and environment is colourful.

Colors have played a major role when it comes to buying jewellery. Color gemstones have adorned mankind even before the exposure of other gems such as diamonds and pearls. Countries with a formidable history such as India, Malaysia, China, and other parts of pre historic Asia have seen colourful jewellery donned by the elite. Colored gemstones are unique and have ben extensively used to bring life to jewellery. A single gemstone can add life and lustre to a jewellery piece so much so that every buyer aspires to own an artistically set gemstone in a jewellery piece. Along with life and lustre, it is also said that gemstones carry ‘energy’ that works on the human life and every gemstone attaches itself as the birthstone for people.

Gemstones are a natural resource that has helped mining economies to develop and grow. It is said that the natural resources such as gemstones are a God’s gift to the mining countries and today most of the economies especially in the African continent are part of “ leading developing economies” of the world. Colored gemstone industry is also responsible for billions of dollars worth of trade being transacted worldwide and sometimes adds upto a large part of the export revenue to trading countries. Countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India, Mozambique, Tanzania, Srilanka, etc have been instrumental in the growth of the global color gemstone business.

Education and Technology have also evolved with time. Today, leading laboratories and machinery manufacturers bring out the best in a gemstone with exquisite cut and polish. Training institutes have made a mark by bringing out hundreds and thousands of industry graduates which in turn has helped the gemstone industry achieve a True Transformation.

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