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GSI Surat Breaks New Ground in Bulk Star and Melee Testing

Mark Gershburg,
Gemological Science International, (GSI), one of the world’s leading gemological labs, is pleased to announce that it is the first and the only laboratory in India to begin batch testing for star and melee sized diamonds using the latest state of the art technology. In response to increasing demand for FTIR services, GSI offers resourceful and cost effective testing by utilizing a powerful and robust mid-IR spectrometer used for routine and advanced laboratory analysis.

“The infiltration of synthetics into the melee trade has become a legitimate concern to the industry. We, at GSI, view ourselves as a highly technologically savvy entity and are proud to boast bright and talented professionals in our ranks. This combination allows us to deliver this testing method, which may be the long awaited solution to the time consuming and inefficient method of testing used till now.” said GSI CEO Mark Gershburg. “We are extremely happy to offer this service in Surat and hope to expand its use to our offices in Mumbai.”

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