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GSI Lab to offer Sarine Profile with Diamond Grading Reports

Debbie Azar,
GSI's co-founder and Executive Vice President
GSI - Gemological Science International, one of the world's largest gem labs, is pleased to announce that it has decided to incorporate into its polished diamond grading and education services the full Sarine ProfileTM, including deriving the stone's light performance grade based on Sarine LightTM-measured data and providing the Sarine LoupeTM imaging and detailed Hearts and Arrows and 3-D Cut proportions graphic renditions. The joint collaboration between two of the industry's most technologically advanced companies will offer many new possibilities to their wholesale and retail customer base.

GSI has expanded its global footprint in recent years to become one of the world's largest gem labs, with offices in the U.S., India, Israel, Belgium and Botswana. GSI provides gemstone identification, grading and education services to many of the larger US retail chains, and combines state-of-the-art technology, being the only gem lab established in the 21st century, with deep professional expertise. As part of their mission to provide state-of-the-art services, GSI has opted to adopt the Sarine ProfileTM and utilise it for light performance measurement and analysis, imagery and Cut quality graphic rendition. This cooperation between GSI and Sarine underscores a mutual commitment to excellence, as was evidenced by the early adoption of Sarine's groundbreaking DiaMensionTM Axiom by GSI, and signals a new level of the relationship between the two companies.

Debbie Azar, GSI's co-founder and Executive Vice President, stated that, "Two fundamental pillars of our unique approach to our mission for the benefit of the industry are integrity and innovation. We have evaluated the Sarine ProfileTM and have compared it to the other systems available today, and are convinced it is a unique solution, which meets our criteria for technological leadership perfectly. We further believe that Sarine's other current technologies, and those being developed, show potential for further cooperation between our two companies."

Uzi Levami, Chief Executive Officer of Sarine, stated, "We are delighted that GSI has chosen to adopt our Sarine ProfileTM. Sarine's industry leading technologies are designed to advance the diamond industry, whether in the manufacturing midstream or the polished trade downstream to ever greater levels of quality and efficiency. We are confident that the envisioned cooperation will benefit both new and existing customers - logistically and commercially." Mr. Levami further noted that, "The business model agreed upon will add to Sarine's growing recurring revenue base, in line with our long-term goals."

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