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In an exclusive with JTM [Jewellery technology & Machinery] bureau, Mehernosh Printer, Director, N Jewellery Techniques Pvt Ltd talks about the importance of "After sale service" for sector growth and opines on the need for regular workshops and knowledge series for the entire Industry. Excerpts:

N Jewellery techniques Pvt Ltd has evolved over time to become an important organisation not only in terms of supplying machinery and equipment but also consulting jewellery manufacturers to set up their respective production process. Tell us something about this successful journey you have had right from procurement to installation?

In fact the process started the other way around; Friends and clients would keep coming to the factory of Mr. Wadia to see the correct casting process. As the visits became more frequent, Mr. Wadia realized that he was spending a lot of time on non-remunerative pursuits, which resulted in his earnings dipping. To equate the burden of time and money, Mr. Wadia then started requesting for a consultancy value which clients happily paid. Thus started a journey of consultancy services in Jewellery manufacturing process. Soon International and other suppliers got wind of this and approached Mr. Wadia, requesting him to use his offices and goodwill to sell their machines to the clients who came to him for consultancy.

India is looking at leading the International supply chain pertaining to jewellery export as well as domestic production. How important is the role played by technology & machinery for this sector?

It is due to this sector that India is now becoming a leading supplier in the world. The indigenous labor is also now quite dependent on these new age machines and technology.

Tell us something about your relationship with the principals and also opine on the important factors that the dealer distributor segment in India should look at before partnering with relevant principals?

These relationships are like marriages purely based on relationships and mutual trust. Depending on the advancement of technology, the dealer should have the correct capacity to understand the product and transfer the knowledge to the client. Also the Principal should have the correct backup in place to assist the dealer at all times. SERVICE & SUPPORT are the 2 strong pillars for the success of this relationship.

What is your opinion on the "After sales service" in the country? Are we service conscious, if no, what are the steps to be taken on the same?

There is no survival without 'After Sales Service'. Knowledgeable, constantly updated and trained service personnel are a necessity. We have never taken up an agency without actually seeing and understanding the manufacturing facility ourselves. Today, Local representatives have realized the importance of this service. Also, India being so huge, one must have the capacity to sell and give service at multiple locations.

Are you happy with the prevalent pricing mechanism when it comes to competitive products being distributed in India? If no, what would you suggest to the sector to make it healthy?

The current GST systems has improved things considerably. The inter-state movement, input tax credit etc is making the sector more organized.

How important is IIJS to you? What else do you seek from this mega jewellery show to make it more dynamic and purposeful?

A well established trade show is very important. IIJS is a great platform. But in a city like Mumbai, we do wish to see the show under one roof. Multiple locations are a slight deterrent. There are no official movers and forwarders for the machinery section. I suggest to have such services (at least from truck bay to booths at the venue)

How important are workshops and training programs for the jewellery manufacturing sector pertaining to knowledge on availability of latest equipments? Are we doing enough?

Whatever we do is not enough. Symposiums, group discussions, seminars on relevant topics should be done periodically. It can be linked by online means to different centers of India. Keep them reasonably priced, innovative and language assisted (if required). It need not be at 5 star locations, with food and beverages. That adds to cost and many deserving persons shy away from it.

Lastly in not more than three words define the factors that have led to the growth of N Jewellery Techniques Pvt Ltd?

1) Honest Ethics

2) Great Products

3) Reliable Service & Support

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