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The Sherlock Holmes - as the name suggest the best detector available in the market for the detection of lab-grown diamonds from natural diamonds. It is the most compact / reliable and accurate machine. It is developed and manufactured by Zvi Yehuda Ltd, company from Israel.

The Sherlock Holmes can measure diamonds from the very very small size to any size of solitaire. It can measure diamonds from colour D to K. It can measure all the different shapes of polished diamonds, and it can also measure the rough diamonds.

In comparison to the other available machines in the Indian and international market, the Sherlock Holmes unique features are, it does not require any routine calibration, does not require any com-puter system and can give results in few seconds even if the goods are kept in transparent thin plastic bags.

The Sherlock Holmes identifies natural diamonds by showing the different shades of BLUE colour, HPHT lab-grown diamonds are displayed in RED colour, and any other type of CVD lab-lab-grown diamonds are displayed in variety of colours other than BLUE. It becomes very easy for operator to differentiate the lab-grown diamonds, and with great repeatability of the results.

The Diamond promotion Association [DPA] under project assure recently tested the ability of 18 scanners from 11 manufacturers to identify natural diamonds, synthetics and simulants from a mixed batch. Sherlock Holmes passed the test with amazing accuracy of 100% in detection of the labgrown diamonds. This test gave a great confidence to the buyers of the machine. The test results are available on its official site.

It is amongst the highest selling detector machine in USA and Europe market and slowly increasing its share in Chinese and Indian market. It is the machine for every diamond manufacturer / diamond trader / jewellery factories / Jewellery shops, who wants to protect themselves and their customers.

The Sherlock detects CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds. It is a portable, light weight ( 2Kg) , easy to use and very fast detector. It gives clear, colorful and consistently repeatable results. Anybody can learn how to operate in a few minutes. The Sherlock detects CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds in loose single stones, in parcels and mounted in jewellery. It takes the same few seconds to check a single stone, a ring with 50 stones or a parcel with 100 stones. In a matter of seconds you will know that if the parcel is "clean". If it contains synthetic diamonds- we supply a tray that helps you separate them. It is the best tool to take a parcel and clear it. The accuracy of the Sherlock Holmes is unmatched. It is accurate and most importantly — it will repeat the results every time. A huge advantage of the Sherlock is the fact that it is the most affordable in the market. Our belief is that we are helping our industry to keep its integrity and our ability to sell a detector in such an affordable price gives us pride.

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