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One of the biggest Jewellery house's in South India boosts sales with Irys RFID

PMJ Jewels is one of the leading jewellery house's in South India with its presence worldwide in countries like USA, UAE & SE Asia. PMJ Jewels also familiarly known as PMJ had its inception in the year 1964. PMJ has been consistently prevailing as one the best retailers and are known for their designs and after sales services.

The company aimed to enhance its business efficiency by adopting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This is where our business relations started with them almost two years ago. PMJ wanted to achieve the following objectives from the implementation:

• Quicker Stock Tally as per books
• Instant Estimates
• Faster Billing / POS
• Instant display of accurate item information

After a thorough study on the business processes of the client and capturing their requirement, we deployed our solution as a stand- alone POS Module for the USA arm of their business. Irys' custom development for PMJ provides a mechanism to automate their billing activity thereby enabling PMJ reap and enjoy a varied range of benefits.

• Automated billing is possible at the POS itself
• Detailed product information is available on one click
• Virtual stock is available as catalogue
• Fewer staff required to manage the daily business activities
• Fast, error free, accurate stock-take & search of items
• Reduced out-of-stocks & decreased stock levels
• Lower operating costs & measurably increased sales volume

Mr. BalaKrishnan MP, (Sales Manager -USA) PMJ states-"Irys has been very supportive throughout our endeavor and have helped us colloquially build a customer friendly and customized POS module using RFID as a base, thereby simplifying our stock audit and sale solutions"


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